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Compayhostel is a family. We are three young childhood friends from Uruguay with a dream, to encourage people to visit our beautiful country and introduce them the real vibe of the Uruguayan people. Today we have three hostels around Uruguay, we believe that our hstel should always have music, happy people, drinks and sometimes some parties.

Here in Compay Hostel we are all friends and we see our staff members as part of our family. When a traveler will come to volunteer at our place, we want him to enjoy the time with us as he was traveling. We understand that his volunteering is part of his trip and this is exactly what we´re looking for .

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Compay Hostel, mi primera casa em Montevideo. Compay Hostel es una familia. Una familia acogedora, cariñosa, alegre y sobre todo: respetable. El trabajo es tranquilo y justo. Extraño a todos, para siempre!

8 meses atrás


Haber llegado a Compay fue la mejor decisión! El Hostel es fantastico, mas que una casa, ha sido mi hogar y tanto los chicos del staff como los dueños se han comvertido en mi familia :)
Las tareas son bien distribuidas y todos siempre dispuesto a ayudar.
La ubicación es muy buena, cerca de la rambla y de la 18 de julio!
Siempre agradecida!!

8 meses atrás


Great experience! The hostel is full of amazing people and is well located in Montevideo. I would certainly return! The tasks and workload are a fair deal. Thank you Compay Team!

10 meses atrás



11 meses atrás


My experience with Compay Hostel was awesome. I totally recommend Compay for those that travel to Uruguay because of the staff, the cleanliness and the good vibes of the hostel. Nicolas and the other part of the staff received me well and the hostel is big and cosy. The work is fair and it's not tiring.

12 meses atrás

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