Connections, English institute

CONNECTIONS is a quality certified English institute accredited by International Certification & Training S.A. which offers foreigners the opportunity to have a PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE TEACHING ENGLISH and make a CULTURAL EXCHANGE. Apart from that, foreigners in our program receive other benefits as FREE ACCOMMODATION, FREE MEALS, SPANISH CLASSES, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES and SALSA CLASSES. Teachers must teach 20 hours per week (4 hours per day from Monday to Saturday). There is a program fee to organize the student´s placement, airport pick up and expenses such as: local staff wages, administration costs, program supervision, program placement, orientation, accommodation, food and all the benefits mentioned above. 24x7 support in case of an emergency. The program fee to volunteer with us for four weeks is only U$200; and extra weeks for U$25 each.

On the weekends, we go hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, camping or rappelling. Teachers can also arrange their leisure-time themselves and travel around.

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