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We are proud to call ourselves a great hostel. Smack bang in the city centre with 35 staff members from all over the world, both full time, part-time and managers. Our volunteers with being part of a family, have fun, enjoy the city, party, play games, learn better English, experience big events and connect with other people.

Everyone is the same, no matter where they are from, who they are, what skills or jobs they had before. Everyone is welcome with us. All staff gets on really well and are very good and getting new people enganged and feel at home. They all go out together, play games, have un, dance, party, enjoy life together, train and teach each other ;) Its one big familiy


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Management is very flexible with the date of the trip, so it’s very nice. Good located. 95% of staff is very nice and friendly. You only work 4 hours of day and they respect that. A good place to have fun because of the party/events.
Things that were not as good for me: I got a lot of morning shifts, mornings are crazy with too many tasks, working like a part time employee or more. Sometimes heavy tasks like carrying suitcases. There is food waste, not eco friendly. The kitchen is not well equipped to cook your own meals. I think what is offered is not balance with what volunteers give.

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I had a really great experience, mostly because i met so many lovley people.But the communication with isabella isnt great, and thers no one that takes care or really welcomes the volonteers.You will have to work without any real training.The planning wasnt great since it sometimes was over staffed and sometimes very under staffed, so i feel bad for the part time workers, they dont get enough credit for the work they have to do.And a lot of things changed in the application since i arrived, i was promised not to have to do certain things and also promised certain things that later changed. x

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It was a good experience.
We met beautiful people: from the staff to all the other volunteers; we really improve our English language.
However there are some conditions you have to adapt to:small rooms (we were 6, then 8, in a room without a sink and so much space for our stuff); sometimes you can’t use the kitchen; Depends who you work with you don’t have much time to stay at bar because you will be busy in various cleaning or bar/kitchen restock; You’ll be treated like a real part-time worker.
People are helpful, but I think what is offered is not balanced with what volunteers give.

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I had a great time at Downtown! Staff was lovely and very helpful. There are some issues, however.
1. The kitchen is not well equipped, nor can you use it whenever you like.
2. Communication should be improved upon. It's common to not receive a reply to questions before arriving. During my experience there were also a few instances of poor communication: changed shifts without notifiying other staff or volunteers arriving without a room ready to host them. It requires flexibility.
However, management is also flexible; you're free to switch shifts and I was able to stay an extra night.

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Volunteering at the cph downtown hostel was real nice and fun. But some things were unexpected so above all you need to be very flexible.

First, you cannot use the kitchen anytime, you have to ask before cooking (sometimes you can't because it's busy so you have to find another way to eat).
2) I changed rooms 4 times in a month. 3) Some assignments were deep cleaning tasks that no one told us about. Also no training at the bar, so get ready! + heavy lifting. 4) You can use the laundry anytime but you have to pay for it first and then you get reimbursed.

3 meses atrás

Isabella respondeu

Hi Camille,

Thank you for the feedback - I do consider you and Violaines comments a bit harsh. The add is called Volunteers for bartending/ reception and housekeeping - Eventhough wouldnt consider the daily bar work being housekeeping, Its true you cant use the kitchen 24/7 - I did say about this before hand though. I am unsure what you mean about heavy lifting? a crate of beer? We have trolleys ect for everything so very little heay lifting involved.

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