Country Gardens Farm

Country Gardens farm gives volunteers the opportunity to interface with all aspects of a small homestead.
Interacting with livestock guardian dogs, dairy goats and their babies, free-range laying hens, cats, kittens, and puppies, depending upon the time of year.
Maintaining a tidy interior space in the house, helping out with kitchen cleanup, sweeping and vacuuming the floor, bathroom, clean up and front patio as well.
Ongoing construction projects, such as building, cabins in the woods, working on a cob strawbale building, or on a large kitchen project.

Everyone is expected to treat each other respectfully, being considerate of shared household spaces, and quiet times. Conspiracy theorists are not welcome. We lean toward a liberal political viewpoint. We attend Christian church on Sundays, and drive to local larger regional town only once per week. Our home has wonderful, sycamore shade trees all around it, as well as a few pine, walnut, peach, and many other indigenous trees.

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