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One thing I can advise helpers who want to get a placement with any host is to have at least one PICTURE of YOURSELF. Just as you like to "see" who and where you are coming, hosts like to see who they are opening their home to.

The weather is cold, rainy and snowy now so there is not much to do outside in the yard besides cleaning up fallen branches and garbage.
Knowledge of Carpentry and Plumbing are always appreciated. Car mechanics are always helpful. I would really appreciate someone who can do handyman jobs and wants to come for a week or two.
I sell things online and on eBay and would love someone who is good at writing descriptions in English.
I have a large house and property in a diverse area of Staten Island, New York that I`m always working on.
A friend and I rebuilt the whole house on the inside including jacking it up and replacing the foundation, sills and beams so there's very little major work to be done inside except some finishing work, moldings and such so carpentry skills would be more than welcome. I have a large extra bedroom for up to three guests although at times someone may have to sleep on the daybed in the living room as sometimes I have family or friends visiting. If you've always wanted to visit NYC, I am close to the Staten Island Ferry, which is free and gets you to Manhattan in about 25 minutes. You can see the Statue of Liberty on the way. I also have bicycles you can use. Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of NYC. Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn are the other four. We cook most every day and you are welcome to eat a meal with us.

How many hours a day and days per week will we be doing?
The equivalent of 5-6 hours per day, 5 or 6 days a week.
I usually don`t have any set rules about working as long as people put in the time overall and get some things accomplished. I don`t have a farm or BnB, etc. that needs scheduled work times so I try to be really flexible. I know it`s tiring to work and tiring to go sightseeing. I think it`s better to do both without restrictions so I usually give some idea about things that need to be done and let you work it out. Just as an example, one person was helping me list things for eBay, one fellow wanted to redo the entire garden so he worked on that on his own schedule more or less. One girl just liked to do weeding and work on the property pruning and mowing the lawn, etc. We just emptied the tool shed and built a new floor (I helped with finding, measuring and cutting the wood) and put everything back, rebuilt and painted my garden cart and then wanted to put down big stone blocks I had on the property for a walkway. So, you see there are many things to choose from and not everyone is cut out for everything. Some enjoy one job and not another and I find it`s best to let people do what they enjoy as much as possible. Sometimes I`ll be working with you, sometimes not.
The address on the map is not correct but it's near there. I've had people just show up without previously arranging it so I don't put my exact address unless we've confirmed.
Cultural Experiences Offered
Enjoy helpers who can cook a tradition meal

Bicycles available for use
Local transport available
Mobile phone network coverage
WiFi (Wireless Internet)
Internet access
Vegetarian friendly

Easygoing I`m quite knowledgeable about how to do most things but don`t always have design ideas or the time to do it. For instance this week I have sewn clothing, made yogurt and no knead bread, made homemade ice cream, taken a trip to PA to see my grandsons and daughter at camp, (some helpers came along) repaired a broken monitor, (had to find the problem and then un-solder and re-solder some of the capacitors) and the list goes on and on. I don't need help with washing dishes, cooking, cleaning or general daily chores. One evening we drove around Staten Island to see the sights, to the beach, the posh houses and this evening we will go to Coney Island and Nathans Hot Dog Stand in Brooklyn. I have a happy disabled son who has Cerebral Palsy. He lives in a group home nearby and sometimes comes over on the weekends. He is pictured with some helpers. You can check my listing on helpx. net

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It is wonderful experience staying with host

14 dias atrás



I love Barbara, she is such a nice, kind and generous person, she has a big heart and is willing to help anyone. It was very interesting to work with her on her eBay listings and was very exciting when we managed to sell something.

2 meses atrás



Had a lovely few weeks getting to know New York and Barbara.
She’s an incredibly interesting person with plenty of stories and knowledge to share.
My time here has been enjoyable and fulfilling, I definitely recommend Barbara’s exchange.

2 meses atrás



I was at Barbara's house for 2 weeks. Barbara is a great, interesting, thirsty for knowledge and very understanding woman. The stay went without any problems. I felt at home. Duties were mixed with conversations about literally everything. Ali cooked great meals every day. I highly recommend this experience. I hope to come back :)

5 meses atrás



I feel very grateful to Barbara for allowing me to work with her, she was an excellent host, always looking out for my well-being, I really enjoyed sharing with her family and other volunteers, I totally recommend this experience and would work with her again, Thank you very much , we will see each other again in Staten Island By: Felipe Mora

6 meses atrás

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