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It is still London though we are on the border off LONDON. POSTCODE TW27SQ And if the Twickenham house is full then I can still accommodate you in the other house (TW209LU- EGHAM) 15 mins away from Twickenham where Central London is still half hour by train to Waterloo from Egham and 20mins from Twickenham. Some admin if you have the experience would be great too...

Also I like to cook and food is always there for you anytime. Sundays are always off but you can have two days of your choice or make it two off days so long as you can do the 28 hours in the one week thanks. Work, walk the dogs twice daily, housekeeping, cleaning maybe a little painting and some collection of food charity work I do.

I treat my volunteers like family and friend and hope they are too. Your part - No penny pinching with time as I am also quite generous and very flexible with time. I do not want lazy people or volunteers who just used me as their stepping stone and not work for their accommodation and food .... you will be surprise how many there are like that...Also I would like to keep a deposit of £40 fully refundable if you take keys and not return back unfortunately I have to change the locks for security reasons and will costs me money also if you suddenly decide to leave for a better opportunity and leave me without help. In this case I will hold your deposit to either change the locks which costs more than £40 or that i have to take on emergency cleaner till the next one!! This is just so we know that we can rely on each other on this exchange thanks a bunch. Best to everyone X


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My experience in this volunteering was quite disappointing. It consisted of working in a hotel from 8 am to 2 pm, with the right to two 30-minute breaks. In the afternoon work 1 hour more at Rina's house. The hotel is far from the house, therefore I had to leave at 7 am, return at approximately 3:30 pm due to traffic and then do 1 hour more. I add that you can have nice conversations with Rina most of the time and her food is delicious, but regarding volunteer hours it's quite questionable.

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It is obious for someone who left after 3 days that this volunteer does not like work exchange and would have preferred a full holiday instead coupled with free accommodation. As advertised though this is a work exchange not a lay by holiday with freebies. Roles reversal I dont think the other party would say this!
Win some lose some. Wish volunteers would read the ads closely for the exchange agreed.



Rina is a nice person; very determined, focus, strong and inspiring woman. She’s also flexible, encouraged and helped me a lot to enjoy my time in the best way of exploring London. And Jessie is the cutest charming adorable girl dog ever. Will never forget them. Thanks so much

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Layane is a fantastic girl. Very apt and charming in character. She's had several experiences as a .and am sure will fit into any roles given. Very happy and good worker. Jessie and I are very lucky to have her. She gave us joy and we are already missing her. Looking forward to Layane coming back. We love you Layane XX



I enjoyed my time there. The host is very understanding and flexible. After my work was done she offered a drink, which I really enjoyed. She will provide you with more food than you can eat. The neighborhood is lovely and there are many parks nearby. And of course I can't forget to mention her adorable dog.

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Rina is a strong independent and firm woman as well as good hearted and caring. She is running a busy and active life in which she needs help. I only recommend this experience if you are open to meet with a lot of local and international people, and you yourself are active and don't mind hard work and you can speak English on a daily level. This is not only a holiday but also a work experience. If you do your best and are willing to learn, then Rina will do just the same as you. The work is related to gardening, animal care, cleaning and housekeeping, helping around in general.

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Vanessa is a complicated girl. Deep thoughts and secretive. She is flexi and lovable character but a bit too involve with things that tire her mentally causing her exhaustion to no avail. Jessie and I loved having her around for most of the time and she does her work well. Hopefully she finds peace in her mind soon. Thanks Vanessa for your help whilst here.

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I stayed a week with Rina she's fun to get along with when working, also she makes really nice meals and spoils you with treats for desert. I enjoyed walking her little dog jessie who is a little sweetheart, I would look forward to going back there again.

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Rina respondeu

Riccardo was a positive fun guy. Workwise not the best but good company. He can talk for Wales and England put together. I enjoyed his company and he is good with my Jessie woof woof. In all he is OKAY cheers Riccardo X

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