Creek farm

Just one and a half hours southwest of Sydney, you’ll find our community on a 45-acre farm in the Razorback Range, where a beautiful creek winds through, with peppercorn trees overhanging the water’s edge.. By saying “community”, we do not mean a loose association of individuals in a common location, nor a multiple-occupancy or land co-op, but rather an extended family of married couples, single people, and children, sharing a common social, spiritual and economic goal.if you are looking for a nice farm in the country, please come..we offer a unique different experience

I am apart of a community of folks who live and work together ..sharing all things in common..expect to be treated with love and care.If you were to take a walk around our farm, you will see us in the organic vegetable gardens that we are learning to care for, mowing the lawns, or in the busy kitchen producing wholesome food. We also welcome volunteers to join us and lend a helping hand while traveling here in Australia. People of many nationalities live in our community, so you may find your language spoken here. We look forward to hosting anyone wishing to learn with us and enjoy the reward of “growing” -- organically, physically and spiritually.

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