Da Wang Sustainable Life Design Institute (Da Wang Shop)

We are a self-sufficient homeland.

We've operated CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) for more than a decade.
In our homeland, there is a clear division of labor, and each person is free to decide what studies they want to pursue and what professions they want to become. These professions cover a wide range of knowledge and skills needed for a self-sufficient homeland, including animal husbandry, beekeeping, natural farming, food fermentation, natural building, wildland carpentry, rainwater purification, eco-toilet design, wood-burning stoves, field animal tracking, and wild vegetable harvesting…

We are certain that self-sufficiency will lead to personal freedom and sustenance, but we also understand that self-sufficiency is not "self" sufficiency; it is not sustainable on its own or in its own family. Only when we have a group of people who are good at cooperating with nature, and who are good at cooperating with each other, will it be possible.

We live together, in this Homeland.
And we welcome you to join us.

We have brought together a group of adults with vision, creative thinking, and ability to create a self-sufficient and sustainable " homeland" through Permaculture's spirit of actively building sustainable ecosystems to support the living environment. We have a total of three farming sites in the village with different topography, geology, and water conditions, which are used for research and farming. Professionals who have mastered the spirit and methods of permaculture think systematically to study and create interlocking functions of the homeland, business, and education, in which diverse crops, technologies, and cultures are nurtured. We live together, work together and support each other to reach equilibrium in this social organization. Enthusiastic, and motivated in life. Independent and interdependent with all things.


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Amazing people, softly spoken, kind, and so knowledgeable. They taught me so much about small-scale farming and sustainable development. Perfect place to practice Chinese, but don't worry too much if you can't.
Hosts adapted so kindly to our needs, and communicated well, even gave us lifts to the station with our heavy bags, and the food is delicious, traditional Taiwanese home-cooked meals - that you harvest! I would also recommend this opportunity to refocus, release stress, and reconnect with nature.
Yes the work is physical, but just stay positive and push through, it is rewarding

4 meses atrás



My experience at Da Wang was super educational and eye opening. Seeing and participating in a sustainable village developing and working in real time is definitely inspiring! I learnt many new skills and got to chat to the locals in my spare time.
The work shifts are pretty full on- there are new tasks to be done everyday many of which involve a few fours of continuous manual work. But the team members are welcoming and understanding and make sure you are comfortable.
I look forward to returning and seeing how Da Wangs community has developed!

7 meses atrás



Awesome and memorable experience, I 100% recommend it. As it says in the description, the farm work is physically demanding, especially if it's getting hot and humid, however facing the challenge is absolutely worth it. Not only will you expand your knowledge and skills in farming, but you will have fun doing so as the folks from the farm are really friendly and will make sure you know what you're doing. Also, the food is awesome and always with fresh ingredients. So I'm telling you, if you're fit and can handle some heat, go for it!

11 meses atrás

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