Datcha Animal Shelter

What do we offer you?
- Free accommodation in a room with around 20 cute cats
- A meeting with the most animal loving woman
- Taste Moldovan cuisine and experience Moldovan culture
- An experience to never forget
- The option to visit the capital Chisinau

The dogs and kittens in Moldova need your help! The love that you get from all animals is very special and is worth all the effort! It is a great experience that you should definitely consider. You will meet the incredible Ira, she is the most passionate woman you will meet and will appreciate your hard work a lot.


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The shelter is big and there are a lot of dogs, so they need a lot of help. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and working hard, then you won't have any problems adapting. In addition, dogs are usually quite friendly (although it is better to be cautious)
I really liked having the opportunity to do this Volunteering, because it expanded my Russian language vocabulary. Despite my poor command of the language, people were always very kind and friendly to me. Ira is an excellent person and host, she is quite a busy woman, but she always cares about the well-being of the volunteer.

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The shelter is located near a village called Chimiseni, it is practically in the middle of a forest. Dogs are afraid of newcomers and will bark when they see you every time until they get used to your presence. This, I assume to be a the norm at animal shelters.
The place where I resided had two rooms, one of them was for 10 puppies, and the remaning one for me. The daily tasks were to clean the puppies house, take a few dogs out for a walk, and play with an injured puppy.
There is much time left for your own leisure, and a lot of fruit trees if you are feeling hungry. Much help is needed.

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First of all, I personally love it the experience because I love to work with animals and feeling that I am helping people, and also the countryside experience and the break of my comfort zone it was great for me. But, I need to say that it is not for everyone! Unfortunately since the shelter survives from donations in mostly of the times lots of things are rustic and not very well in maintenance. And be aware that it is really countryside vibes and this reflects even in the toilets and some rats around. It took me some days to be adapted to it but since I am a very enthusiastic I managed.

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