De Hobbitstee

Important: This season we are only looking for handy volunteers with carpentry/building experience! Please only apply if this is the case :) We offer the opportunity to take part in a unique natural building project. We are building a double house, based on ecological, renewable principles. It will be a house of clay, straw and wood, with a greenhouse covering the whole south side. In june we are working on the foundation, in july its time for the wood frame. In this month we especially invite helpers with experience in carpentry. In august&september we will be building the walls, working with the straw and clay. And in oktober&november we'll finish of the walls, plastering and covering the outside with wooden planks. You are mostly welcome in our team! There will be around 10 volunteers ongoing, from all over the world. We are quite sure it will become an amazing experience. The accomodation will be in caravans and our group building. We will provide organic food, bongfires, warm showers and nice working vibes. See you soon! 45 years ago, the Hobbitstee was grounded by a bunch of hippies and through the years it has gone through many changes. Although life here is quite different from how it was 45 years ago, we still have many ideals and dreams in common, such as working towards self-sufficient and off the grid living, growing our own organic vegetables and fruits, and communicating with each other in an open and nonviolent way. De Hobbitstee is a fun place to stay, beautiful surroundings, nice people, and all the help is very welcome :)

We are a small community of 11 adults and 7 children, living and working in this really beautiful place.We are a group of 11 grown ups and 7 children. We all have our own house-hold and share meals once in a while (not on specific dates, just when we feel like :) Everyone has their own income, some people work in the community, by organizing activities, working in the bakery or making furniture. Others have jobs outside of here. We love pizzaparty's, campfires and a good conversation :)


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Working in De Hobbistee was the best experience in an eco village. All people was very open mind and helpfully. Long conversation, good organic food and good feeling. Also the work is a good work to improve your personal skills. Niek, the project manager, is a good and smiling man :)




Nice people!




De Hobbitstee para mí fue una experiencia buenísima en donde aprendes mucho y sin duda la pasas a todo dar. Conoces a gente de todos lados con quien compartes no solo trabajo sino comidas, conversaciones, música, buenos momentos. Algo que me encantó fue la calidez con la que fui recibido por anfitriones y el equipo, me hicieron sentir como en casa. El trabajo es muy sencillo y los horarios están geniales. El proyecto es una cosa colosal que va por muy buen camino!
Recomiendo mucho este lugar si están interesados en la construcción y la interacción con animales y la naturaleza!




Incrível, pessoas maravilhosas!!!




This is the best place you can be as a volunteer. I spent 2 weeks here and not even once did I get a feeling of being away from home. The hosts are so warm it feels like a family after you've spent some time there.
There are a lot of different things to help with and learn. I learnt something new everyday. Everything from people, landscape, food, to work is beautiful and will make you want to stay there forever.
Don't miss the chance to experience this awesome place :-)


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