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You can learn pretty much anything about coffee, from how it is grown, to all the various methods of brewing. We like to better ourselves in all ways possible, so we welcome any suggestions or perspectives you might like to share as well!

Blitar is not a huge city but one that has a very rich, historical story, which we love to share with our volunteers! Dotted with fun and interesting family-run tourist attractions, there are some really cool and different activities to do on your days off. You can find peace and quiet here, but you are just a short ride away from some nightlife as well -- best of all worlds!

We may organize small English lessons for our staff, as well short afternoon lessons for village children from nearby schools. During downtime, we may ask you to help us with gardening, light weeding on the plantation, and general housekeeping. If you are interested in really getting your hands dirty, I would recommend coming in June when the harvest takes place. Ps: Many people here love to meet foreigners and will approach you for small talk and pictures. So, if you are a shy or a private person, then this is not for you.

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This was a wonderful experience, and i'm so glad I got to stay on De Karanganjar. Alfi, Wima, Risma, and all the many other staff members are so lovely and hardworking. Everyone is welcoming and kind, and I miss them all already. The rooms are simple but I loved having a space to call my own and there is a kitchen we're able to use as volunteers. The work itself was mostly gardening/maintenance in the morning and then working in the cafe later in the day. We usually finished quickly and there was lots of time to explore the plantation fields, which are beautiful, or relax.

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Hi Natalie!

You are a young girl who is brave and smart. I am very happy to discuss a lot with you, one of them is about movies. I hope your dream of becoming a filmmaker comes true. And thank you for participating as “ghost” in our content :p

If I go to the US, I will definitely visit you in Seattle.

See you again, Natalie (Portman)!



It’s definitely one of the best volunteering experiences ever. I had an amazing time with them and I would love to come back one day. Everyone at the plantation is very welcoming and you can feel like a part of their family. The tasks are easy and very interesting as you do different activities everyday. We went out to the city together, enjoyed local food, learned about the culture. Truly amazing experience! I loved it and can’t wait to come back one day!

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"Happy to have your presence here, Weronika!

It's like a reminder of my "European home," Poland, full of memories.

Looking forward to our funny video, hopefully it will attract a lot of viewers! Thank you for your help while you were here! Hopefully we can meet again in your beautiful city, Krakow!

P.S. I just regret that I only found out that you're a veterinarian on the last day. Why didn't you say so from the beginning... we have horses, deer, birds, snakes, and crocodiles that need special attention..."



I had a really amazing time volunteering with them. The volunteering schedule is mutually agreed upon and handed over to everyone beforehand. All the tasks are really thoughtful and socially engaging, and helped me get grounded and more in sync with the environment of the place. The hosts are amazing and really nice, and made sure I lived as comfortably as possible during my time there. We celebrated local tradition together, went out for local food together, went to popular scenic destination together, apart from the volunteering experience.

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I am extremely grateful for the unique experience of celebrating Diwali. It was truly memorable!

Thank you also for being a friend to my child, Aga. He will definitely miss you.

Hopefully, we can meet again in the incredible land of India, and don't forget to sing "Koil Mili Gaya"... if necessary, bring the original Kajol along... lol.



I can feel myself tearing up while writing this review because this was one of the most amazing experiences ever.

This was my first volunteering experience and I realised that volunteering is a very “up and down” journey. You find out not only about your surroundings but also yourself.

I love coffee and this opportunity only increased that love for me.

The people of Indonesia and this property are absolutely brilliant. I still cannot believe the hospitality I received.

I can keep going on and on. But all I’ll say is. Thank you so much for everything.
Never goodbye.
Till next time.

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One of the most special days of this year was enjoying the Indian-style chicken curry at our plantation. I know the seasoning wasn't complete, but I truly enjoyed it.

I also want to say that I enjoyed our discussions about culture, religion, and other silly things. I'm glad to have encountered a young Indian who is open-minded and willing to engage in self-criticism for a better life.

Hopefully, we can meet again in the incredible land of India!



This experience was incredible. Wima and all his family open the door and their hurt to us. All people is very nice. I did different activities everyday, never get bored. The place is amazing, surrounded by nature a perfect place to be in peace, relax and be in contact with nature. For sure I recommend this experience. Thank you Wima, Alfi, Lidia and all the staff for always be so kind and helpful. See you soon.

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Hola, Griselda Mercedes!

You are one of the highlights we have this year. Thank you for being a great ambassador in promoting De Karanganjar and Blitar.

Thank you for 'messing up' the Javanese-Dutch theme here and turning it into a Latino theme. Sometimes dancing to Latin music is also fun!

I will miss our discussions that started with cultural, historical, and political topics, and became more philosophical as we went along. Hahaha...

If you have found the meaning of life, please share it with me, will ya ;)

I hope we can meet again in front of the majestic Tenochtitlan, chatting while enjoying tacos and accompanied by a cute tecolote.

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