Del Tomasoni

Grandfa's House is a great place to get to live the "Trentino Experience". It's located in Rovereto's city centre, a small and relaxed town between the mountains and forest. It is one hour from Verona and three hours from Venezia by train. My house is small, but comfortable and clean, as I think that's the most important things.

I'm a 70-years-old men that enjoys reading a good book, loves history, especially Italian and any kind of art. I also like telling stories about this lovely city and my family. I have dedicated my whole life to good ice-cream making and the bar. The current staff are two young argentinians (brother and sister) that help me in the bar as barista and bartender. They're clean an tidy in their room and the house. Anfortunatelly, the young girl is leaving us soon to keep travelling!

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