Namaste! Our facility offers the following: Free 24 hour wifi and electricity, warm shower, campfire, fresh spring water, freshly harvested/ organic/vegetarian meals, yoga/meditation, mountain hiking, great mountain views, beautiful sunrise and sunset views, unpolluted environment and living conditions. I am Kamal Nepal, owner and operator of this farmstay, organic in all ways possible. Mike Freese is our 500 hour certified, resident on site yoga teacher. We provide services to 10 travelers at a time. This place can be a good destination for respectful, nature loving people who want to volunteer and enjoy sharing time with us. We are sure that the time you spend here will be a most memorable experience in your life and ours! Our farm is located 45 km southeast from the capital city, Kathmandu, in a remote place at about more than 2100 meters above sea level. We live in a very beautiful small village on the edge of Mahabharat mountain range. The village is surrounded by green forest with special flowers. One can see 4 mountain rivers and waterfalls, many kinds of birds and wild animals can be seen in the forest area. Here we have tranquility and silence! Listen to the sounds and silence of nature and practice meditation, cool off in a nearby mountain stream, and hike on clear days to see a 180 degree view of the beautiful Himalayas! We have vegetables and more than 200 different herbs in this area. We invite foreign guests to do research on the herbs while staying. We have a small bee farm, a cow and a buffalo so we can offer our guests fresh pure milk. Visitors need warm clothes for winter and light clothes for summer. For volunteers who work (3-5 hours/day, 5 days/week), we charge $8 USD per day. For guests who don't work, we charge $12 USD per day. Volunteers and guests get one extra day free of charge for every 7 days they stay (for example, if you stay Monday through Sunday, the next day is free). Guided yoga and meditation are donation based. We charge $10 USD for a 6 hour guided hike up Mount Mahabharat that includes snacks and water. We respectfully ask that no illegal drugs are brought or used here on our farm. This is for respect of the local community. Alcohol (taken responsibly) and tobacco are acceptable. Farming: 1. We have started a special type of mushroom farming. This is special in the sense that mushroom can be grown in a log of wood. The mushroom is called `shiitake mushroom` . We have started with 200 logs. Anyone interested can help us to water the seeds as well as take care of the mushroom farm. 2. We plan to construct a meditation house and wet sauna. Interested volunteers can support us; skilled as well as unskilled manpower. 3. We have started bee farming. The volunteers can help us build bee houses, take care of the bees, honey hunting and protect the bee houses. 4. We need farm hands for cutting and carrying grass, planting, cutting and collecting herbs, plowing, sowing, watering, weeding and other farm related chores like milking. The work imposed to the volunteers will be as per the interest of the volunteers. We would like to promise the security of the volunteers About owner/operator : Namaste, I'm Kamal. I'm 30 years old and I live with my family in a beautiful village near the highest peak of the Mahabharat range in the South Asian country Nepal. I work at my Mt. Mahabharat Home Stay and Eco-organic Farm. Adhering to the famous proverb ‘Return to nature’, I’m on a mission to make myself and others healthy through chemical free produce. I`m at peace in my peaceful environment, and want to share this sense of peacefulness with others. I reside at an extremely beautiful place from where much geographical diversity can be seen. I’d like to welcome people of the world to come and enjoy this together. I don’t consume or use any violence related products because I believe that would be doing injustice or promoting injustice towards other life forms. I’m bounded by a belief, with a stirring law, which I’ll always follow and in some ways has restricted me as well. Avoiding distortions like smoking, alcoholism, non-vegetarianism and prostitution has liberated my life from problems and provided a sense of infinite peace through teaching of meditation, yoga and reflection. I experienced radical change in my thoughts when my faith taught me the meaning of sacrifice. Being content is greater than adding to desires. As a farmer I believe that it is essential what I produce should be beneficial to human health. So, being chemical free is vitally important. Stricken by poverty my forefathers couldn`t afford chemicals. I am seeing the benefits of our past misfortunes now. Today, chemical induced produces have given rise to various diseases. Victims of the illness are then compelled to ingest further chemicals in the form of medicines. Nature has given us hundreds of herbs to fight against diseases, and as a child who grew up with those herbs, I’m saying to the world that threats can never be friendly to mankind and environment but natural things will always be. Nature has taught me many things and inspired me to share them with the world. I’ve witnessed many benefits of natural growth. If all nations of the world produced pollution then the people of the world would have to pay for the air they breathe, fertile lands would turn into deserts, mountains would be snowless and human existence would be in a crisis. Therefore, to avoid any possible threats to the world it is necessary that the most conscious social life-form, humans, should become mankind and environment friendly and protect the greenery. In my opinion, the world’s greatest hero is he whose speech and character has uniformity and who inspires his world around him to become nature friendly. However, I don`t want to discuss too much about this subject. Lastly, I expect creative comments and feedback from my website visitors, which will provide meaning to my personal aim as well as the proverb ‘Return to Nature’. About Dhunkharka: The history of Dhunkharka is connected with a streak of tigers. According to legend, years ago when the place was an uninhabited mountain range, tigers used to live here. One day two people of Newari ethnicity from nearby settlement came to Parthali, near the boundaries of Dhunkharka and Chalal. From there they saw a tiger sleeping on an open space of now known as Narayantar. Based on what they saw, they named the place Dhunkharka. In Newari language, ‘Dhun’ means ‘Tiger’ and ‘Kharka” means ‘settlement’. Thus, Dhunkharka means ‘place of tiger settlement’ or ‘home of tigers’ in Newari. Today, 1500 households reside in this village. Agriculture is the primary occupation and the village produces 15000 liters of milk every day. Our Mission/Vision: Staying true to the proverb ‘Return to nature’ in every sense, we work towards making the proverb into reality through meaningful development of nature friendly network, building nature friendly individuals and societies, and operate an eco-system based tourism industry through economical utilization of our resources. How to get to our place ? You can follow this link. http://mountmahabharat.com/how-to-get-dhungkharkka/ or Our google map : https://www.google.com.np/maps/place/Mt.+Mahabharat+Homestay+with+Organic+Farm/@27.5166107,85.4851175,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x39eb0cfa3987edcb:0x17ecf22708e06843!8m2!3d27.5166107!4d85.4873062?dcr=0 Option no 1. Public Bus: Take a bus from Ratna Bus Park (in Kathmandu) to Panauti. Buses leave every 10 minutes. Get on a bus before 1:00 pm so you can make it to Panauti in time for the next bus. The journey is about 1.5 hours. Pay 60 rupees. In Panauti, get on a bus to Dhunkharka and message Mike. Mike's Whatsapp: +977 982 320 7483. The journey is about 1.5 hours. Pay 60 rupees. We will meet you at the Dhungkharka town centre (Geldung Bazaar) and walk uphill with you for about 1 hour. If your bag is too heavy, let us know in advance and we can arrange a porter to carry it to our place. Option no 2. Private vehicle pickup: We can arrange a private car from Kathmandu airport to Panauti for $30 USD and a private car from Panauti to Dhungkharka for $30 USD. This is a professional driver and a good vehicle like a taxi, but it is much cheaper than the prepaid taxis at the airport. If you want to know more about us please visit our website at www.mountmahabharat.com For English, contact Gabriella WhatsApp: +977 981 825 3780 For Nepali, contact me Kamal Nepal WhatsApp: +977 985 111 0861 My alternative cellphone number is +977 981 842 4200 Namaste!!!

We also provide great volunteering opportunities to those willing to donate small part of their lives to the welfare of others. Volunteers will be provided with comfortable lodging facilities and choices in organic dishes. The volunteers can have one special holiday per week on which they can visit new places free of cost. Those volunteering for more than 45 days will receive a 5 day Mt. Mahabharat trekking package for free. Facilities: room, bed, organic food 3 times a day, tea/coffee 3 times a day, Wifi, hot/cold water, wood for campfire Working time: 6 hours/day, 6 days/week We have following works in Volunteering: Mount Mahabharat Herbs and Eco Organic Farm Reconstruction Education sector

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The Love received by Kamal and his family was wonderful from day One. The landscapes, food and people are amazing. It's a little complicated to get to the farm but it really is worth it... maybe there was not so much work for the time, but you can take that time walking around the mountains and helping in whatever you can... was an unforgettable experience and I hope to see then again soon. Thank you, Kamal and family!!

3 meses atrás


We ended up staying more time than planned and honnestly we could live here for a long, long time. Kamal and his family are the most amazing and humble people I've met, they give you nothing but love from the very first moment. His wife and mom cook the best vegetarian meals and his kids bring so much joy and fun to the environment! We can only say thank you for this amazing experience and recommend Mount Mahabarat to everyone considering coming to Nepal, especially if you want to be in a very silent and calm area. I really hope to be able to come back in the future!

4 meses atrás


Thanks Kamal and his family for hosting me for 6 days. It was a great experience! I absolutely loved the scenery around the village.
Since it was summer, there was not much work to do, so I have time to explore mountains by myself. Neighbours are very friendly as well.
Oh, bu the way Kamal's wife Goma cooks really delicious food, and I absolutely loved their homemade pitta-bread

4 meses atrás


Kamal is an amazing host and has a huge heart! During my stay, the job was essencially help in the mustard harvesting, in the kitchen and to build the new wet sauna. I've got a flu on the last days and couldn't help more, but his family and the other volunteers were very comprehensive and kind to me, as a big family! The food was always so fresh, from farm to table! His mother and his wife, Goma, did everything to please me despite my food restrictions: no rice to me, a BIG issue in Asia! Thank you so much, Kamal and family, for such an welcoming stay on Mount Mahabharat!

6 meses atrás


El lugar es muy bello, en medio de la montaña viviendo con una familia nepali y otros compañeros que hacen pasar una linda estancia. Le pongo 4 estrellas porque antes de ir uno lee que es un centro de meditación, yoga y no lo es, si uno quiere puede practicar allí lo que desee, ya que posee el tiempo para hacerlo, pero no hay ningun profesor que enseñe o acompañe.
La familia es muy amorosa. La ayuda que brindamos fue recoger mostaza de las terrazas de cultivo donde la vista es increible, ayudamos a comenzar a construir una casa. Recomiendo el lugar a futuros viajeros.

6 meses atrás

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