Dhutanga Insight Meditation Center

Here you'll have the chance to develop yourself through the means of Vipassana meditation, to live and experience directly Thai culture and kitchen and to learn about Buddhism in Thailand! If you're really interested in learn about meditation, philosophy of Buddhism and Monk lifestyle you are welcome but, if you are just looking for free food and accommodation it's not a place for you. Please inform yourself about thai culture and buddhism in advance. We frequently have knowledgeable members of the community come to teach volunteers about different aspects of Thai culture. For example, paper leaf kites, music, and how to make traditional food and desserts. There are also occasional field trips to places like Ayuthaya (old capital of Thailand). As we're only 10 km from the train stop Lat Krabang, it is relatively easy to get to our area. There are plenty of things to do at home like meditation, reading a book on the veranda, fishing, walking, cycling, or simply resting! I know an impressive amount about culture, history, and local transportation, so just ask if you have a question! NOTE: Although we ask for a minimum stay of two weeks, we are always looking for longer-term volunteers (one month or longer).

After spending 48 years in the USA, I decided to go back to my homeland, Thailand, and do something for my people! On the land that once belonged to my family, I created a little island of peace! Here you'll have the chance to have an exclusive insight in the Thai culture and do something for the local community! I, a female Monk, live here with 10 dogs. The island of peace is composed from a garden, that stretches between a river and a little lake, 4 Kutis (hut) with ensuite, a dorm, one meditation hut and one open-air kitchen hut. But large scale improvements are happening constantly. Everyday you'll be able to enjoy the sunrise over the lake from your veranda and the sunset over the river, you'll have the chance to meditate and learn about the Dhamma, to experience Thai culture and kitchen and to cultivate peace and self-development. In exchange you'll be helping me with the garden, taking care of the dogs and the different tasks in the garden and surroundings. Just help wherever help is needed as well as other various chores and community outreach programs. The days are busy but there is much opportunity to learn! Our daily meals are offered from the surrounding community (Bintabat) therefore I won't be able to guarantee you more than twice meals a day. You may also find restaurants and shops in walking distance and cook anything that may be in the kitchen.


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very nice spiritual experience .not hard work.good people

28 dias atrás


It was such a nice expirience, and is a great opportunity to learn about bhuddism while meeting amazing people.

1 mês atrás


It was a great place. The time I was there it had a lot of other volunteers also, so a place with so many different cultures. The staff was great. The jobs were not hard, basic stuff few hours a day. And you get to learn so-so-so much from the monk. They teach you Thai, about Dhamma and Buddhism. You get to meditate with them. It was all a great experience!

2 meses atrás


Dhutanga is such a blessed place! I had an amazing time there! You have the opportunity to learn some Buddhism, help the community, teach english and grow as a human being. Thank you everyone for this wonderful experience! I miss you all! Kop Khun Kap! 🙏🏼❤️

4 meses atrás

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