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Here you'll have the chance to develop yourself through the means of meditation, to live and experience directly Thai culture and to learn about Buddhism in Thailand ! If you're really interested in learning about meditation, the philosophy of Buddhism and the Monks' lifestyle you are welcome but, if you are just looking for free food and accommodation it's not a place for you. It is important that you inform yourself about Thai culture and Buddhism in advance. We frequently have knowledgeable members of the community come to teach volunteers about different aspects of Thai culture. For example, paper leaf kites, music, and how to make traditional food and desserts. But most of the time its a calm place where you can take time for yourself and exchange with others. After spending 49 years in the USA, I decided to go back to my homeland, Thailand, and do something for my people! On the land that once belonged to my family, I created a little island of peace where Bikkhus, Bikkhunis and foreigners live and work together! Here you'll have the chance to have an exclusive insight in the Thai culture and the lifestyle of the monks. I, a female Monk (Bikkhuni), live here with 17 dogs. The island of peace is composed from a garden that stretches between a river and a little lake, Kutis (hut) with ensuite, a dorm and individuals rooms, one meditation hall and one open-air kitchen. But large scale improvements are happening constantly. Everyday you'll be able to enjoy the sunrise over the lake and the sunset over the river, you'll have the chance to meditate and learn about the Dhamma, to experience Thai culture and food and to cultivate peace and self-development as well as living in a worldwide community . In exchange you'll be helping a few hours a day with the garden, the dogs and the different tasks in the surroundings. Just help wherever help is needed as well as other various chores and community outreach programs. The days are busy as there is always something to adjust but there is much opportunity to learn and rest ! Our daily meals are offered from the surrounding community (Bintabat) and should be enough to fulfill you as much as you need (unless you're an ogre then you may need to go to the supermarket). You can also find restaurants and shops in walking distance. It is also possible to store your own goods if you wish THIS PLACE IS NOT VEGAN AND CANNOT GUARANTEE VEGETARIAN FOOD ALL THE TIME -as it is all from donation, we don't chose what is given- If you want to know more, follow us on instagram: @dhutangamc

Here, we have 2 Thai people helping with the work in the center and explaining you what you have to do (named Rose and Beam Beam) . You can teach them english (and more !) and talk about your country as they are really friendly ! READ CAREFULLY : ** System of volunteers (New system adjustment)** You must be here for at least 10-14 days , you can chose to experience a Vipassana (silent meditation retreat) for 3 days or more during this time. Notice that IT IS NOT an official Vipassana retreat place. We only offer you to experience it and you are free to make it as long as you wish. We need you EVERYDAY between 6AM and 12PM to do your tasks. The tasks are simple and fast as it is mostly cleaning and a little bit gardening, but they need to be done correctly. You will be in teams with other volunteers so the work is funnier, easier and faster ! The afternoon you can go out to explore Bangkok or Lat Krabang, and we sometimes also organize days out at the beach or in the countryside. You're free to go out as much as you want as long as you're helping enough and you show up often to the chanting sessions in mornings and evenings ** Chanting and meditation time** Morning chanting at 5 am (prayer and meditation) Evening chanting at 6 pm (prayer and meditation) You'll have free time between 12pm and 6pm but sometimes we may need you for extra jobs ** The work you need to do** Such as cleaning, gardening, cooking for dogs and feeding them. Or help for some other things in the center (When necessary) ** Please bring** - Clothes that cover your shoulders and knees (Avoid tight clothes like leggings) - Towel - Reusable water bottle if you have - Your use or facilities - Your national flag if you want to leave a piece of you here ! **The food is provided by the donations in a large amount to feed all the volunteers everyday. The monks have only a breakfast and a lunch between 7am and 12pm but you're free to keep some and cook for yourself till 4pm (before the last chanting at 6pm) as long as you're keeping the dining room and kitchen clean after you** ** we have coin Automatic washing machine * - If you want to wash clothes You have to pay a 40 baht in coins for the washing machine.(You can exchange coins at the office.) In addition, you will be asked to Donate 150 baht per day per person for financial support. (Electricity, water, laundry room Maintenance fee, location, etc) + 200 baht for the depreciation of the pillow, pillowcase, blanket, mattress pad etc... PLEASE, notice that this place is like a family house where all members need to participate and help each others to keep it organized. Also you will be independent in your learning as the teaching classes are once in a while and the monks are often busy. So feel free to ask questions, read books and spread your knowledge ! We look forward to see you and welcome you with loving-kindness, as it's all what it's about !


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A wonderful place to discover more about Buddhism, meditation and the mind. Punya, the head monk, is very kind and intelligent and is always there to help you.

It was my first experience with meditation and learning about the self and mind, for sure it was a really cool experience.
The only down side was one of the dogs made the volunteers a bit uneasy.
Be sure to explore the neighbourhood in your free time, take out the kayaks, talk to locals and take the public transport to the local markets!
Learn about meditation or if you need to challenge your life values!



Experiência incrível! Você tem que ir preparado para ajudar nas tarefas diárias, de limpeza e com os cachorros (em um super sol). Aprendi muito sobre mim mesma e, principalmente, acalmei meu coração! A punya é incrível e aprendi muito ouvindo ela falar. Ir no mercado de rua receber as doações sem calçados, me fez enxergar a vida de outra forma. Tem sempre muita comida lá! Se você estiver de cabeça aberta e disposto a se inserir na cultura, vai aprender muito (eles têm muitos rituais)! Foi especial! Super recomendo, vida simples, mas cheia de amor.



Durante essas duas semanas pude aprender muito com as monjas e os outros voluntários. Acompanhar as doações matutinas no mercado é incrível e tocante para realmente começar a entender um pouquinho mais sobre a cultura de um país tão incrível como a Tailândia. Os preceitos do budismo ensinados nas aulas de Dharma podem ser colocados em prática no trabalho coletivo de limpeza, conservação e alimentação dos cães. Recomendo a todos que estejam dispostos a trabalhar em equipe a partir de experiências culturais distintas e a treinar uma comunicação despida de preconceitos e amorosa.



Mi experiencia el Dhutanga fue muy bonita , por la época en que estuve nos tocaron varias ceremonias que fue todo un placer poder hacer visto . Me pude envolver un poco más en el budismo y la práctica de la meditación. Las tareas eran bastantes simples y solo por la mañana , el resto del día lo teníamos libre .
Entre los voluntarios formamos una gran familia y fue gratificante compartir aprendizajes y experiencias .
Pugna, Jauma y Tan Anya , Beam , los mejores y todo mi agradecimiento por hacerme sentir como en casa y por todas sus enseñanzas



Foi uma oportunidade única, viver com as monjas e aprender um pouco sobre o dia a dia delas. Vá de coração aberto e mente leve para viver uma experiência autêntica.


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