Diamantina Trip Ecotourism Agency

Diamantina Trip practices eco-friendly tourism, allowing interested travelers, whether foreigners or Brazilian natives, to swim, hike, and experience all the breathtaking wonders the national park has to offer. By volunteering with us, you will be able to connect socially with the varied population of travelers that visit the Chapada Diamantina on a daily basis while also connecting with the wide world around you through opportunities to go into the park and see its caves, climb its mountains, swim in its rivers and lose yourself in its beautiful waterfalls. We are also very well located, right in the center of the fairly small city of Lençóis which also serves as the portal city into the entire National Park. This makes it pretty easy to visit other cities in the Chapada Diamantina region, if you're interested in that as well.

My agency works mainly with two different hostels in the city and, though the team that works directly for the agency is fairly small, we are well supported by the receptionist staff of both of the hostels that we partner with. Since our population is mainly made up of backpackers and single-travelers enjoying the collective hostel atmosphere, our employees are always eager to meet new people and swap travelling stories and life experiences. As such, volunteers will be received with open arms by both the agency's staff as well as the staff at our partner hostels. We mainly need support with managing our social networks: publications, campaigns and content production.

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