Diana's Apartment

Hello guys! Welcome to my home. I'm Diana from Mexico City. After a few rough years of personal struggles, I'm getting back on track and starting and impulsing some projects I've been building for a couple of years now. I'm an almost 30-year-old woman, singer, photographer, and filmmaker. I have two cats, Rhumeajakuba and Chester Fitzgerald. My house is South West of Mexico City, there are many forests and natural areas nearby like Los Dinamos, Bosque de Tlalpan, Desierto de los Leones, and Xochimilco. The apartment is down near San Jeronimo and Pedregal area, it's on the 13th floor. My office and home photography studio are there too. I need any help possible, please let me know how you could help or what are your highlights. I feel I really need help organizing my home, fixing and doing some general maintenance, helping with the house, and building some stuff for my studio. Also, I'm trying to lose weight and activate so I'm grateful for people wanting to exercise, walk around the city and teach me new activities. Many activities are going on with me, my life is full of surprises. Hopefully, we can share a nice time and learn from each other. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and am working on a project to generate awareness. Also doing some culture-related content like a mini-documentary about herbal traditions. The most important things to work around are: Helping organize and declutter General maintenance and fixing some issues around the house. Cleaning and cooking Painting and help doing DIY projects

really love talking about life, health, love, philosophy, different ways of living, culture, etc. I think we will enjoy long talks. Will make sure you see amazing places around the city, I enjoy showing you around and helping with your Spanish and photography skills. There are many many things to do in the City. Nightlife, museums, parks, activities, endless amount of things to do. Will gladly give as many recommendations as possible. Will help you move around when I'm free. You can also chill around and read a book or do some yoga on the small park downstairs.

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