Diverse souls to exchange on culture or life styles or Food or Spirituality or art or writing or creative mind or other adventures of life.. Mumbai, India

From a cosmic idealistic country, I am an ad Film maker/Creative writer/Spiritual personality. Grew up in rural and urban natural lives. Making me experience and learn some things on different levels of cultures, society differences and Indian deeper roots. So looking at life in its best or worst way, with in its colorful shades. India has a rich heritage in Religious, Cultural, Yogic, Ayurveda, Spirituality and Food flavors. Through which life shapes up... ======Cultural, Religious, Spiritual, Creative Sharing and Understanding. : ===== Some of my walks have been through spiritual track. During some of my travels, with some hidden meanings, they unfolding in an unexpected way, and made me walk on spiritual and self discovering path, with some naturally rich saints. Enlightening many pores closed due to the hectic mind, but thinking the same thing. :) The experience enriched life with new meanings. If you talk from your soul, you can feel trees communicating with you, a connection with earth and nature. Same way, giving up fear clear the doubts from life. :) After understanding our own Universe, we can share Universes and its energies, Which makes us grow. Our Universes are connected, and once we find out, its just clearing the strata of life after that. Over here most of us are Seekers, who want to turn into Believers. Spiritual connection with desired energies just catapults a soul into a universal beauty, experiencing cosmic energies.Exploring mutual personalities, and a chance to share, learn, exchange, with non- materialistic attitude, love with life and exploring new things, exchange of energies, and creating new ones...with different souls, and minds... Everyone is rich in something and we can help, mutually in various subjects... =====As a film maker I Worked on many successful advertisement, and small time documentaries, music videos,, and on various small films. Besides other creative work, I like writing on film subjects (film scripts, which I will love to make :) ) and sometimes creative writing for advertisements.. :) I have also worked with some interesting volunteers, on documentaries or videos or information collection. Like ecological balance, and cultural differences. Also, freelance produced for many production houses, National and International, for shooting in India. ===NEW START UP =====Planning a start up of a Food Delivery Kitchen, from mid this year, in Mumbai, India. In the process we are collecting the maximum information, and right people to connect with, on it. So, that later if required the Delivery Kitchen can get the right exposure and people, to connect in it. Then we will look for more ideas on kitchen, up-keeping,, after we will narrow down on the place for the kitchen, in coming months. The food is going to be mix of North Indian Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian dishes. But, same dishes will be available in Vegan variants. =====As the project is at nascent stage. You can choose anything from below to be part of it in any of the ways, that can make you enjoy the time, and city.===== Creative Knowledge :===== ----- Social media awareness for the project. Like on Insta, Twitter, Fb etc.---- OR - Designing the brochure and Menu for the project.----- OR - If required clicking pictures of the food.----- OR - Web site design for the project. ===== Writing : Value addition and skill on writing, screen writing, concepts, creative writing, blogs, social network writing. All sort of knowledge is valuable. If you are a writer we can work on some common themes or themes I already have in mind. And help me grow as a writer. In film script writing, poetry, creative or blog writing etc. And we can just share our life experiences on travel, or working on different things, or spiritual yogic, or music or anything you love to share, to enrich our life, too, and increase its craving to know more, and create new moments. :) Or ====Illustrator / Designing: You can help me to design covers for my Film Scripts, as well, make some caricature, or illustrated, or drawing or artistically doing of some scenes of the film script. Or ====Illustrations / Graphic Novels : Converting Film Scripts into Graphic novels. If you are good at illustrations and like to share your talent, will like to convert my film scripts into graphic novels, as then they become more interesting to read. Hence, getting more eyeballs for my project. ====Cooking Knowledge :===== Plan to keep a surprise complimentary dish, which will be given with an order above certain ammount.----- - if you have cooking knowledge you can teach any of your signature dish or family dish which you think will work with it. Preferably a dessert. ----- - Tasting food : Tasting the food plan to keep in the kitchen and giving your views on it. :) Best thing ever. :)===== Food Business. :===== - If you had been a part of food business, you can teach or give some tips on it.----- - Accompany, and show me the right things to buy for the kitchen.----- - Preparing for the requirements of the kitchen. - Designing the kitchen needs, and working plans.----- - The food is going to be mix of North Indian Non-Vegetarian and Vegetarian dishes. Surprisingly, we can make all of the dishes in Vegan as well. Therefore, same dishes will be available in Vegan variants. Also, later as the working force will be required for the same, so will need the proper insight on the working.

We can enhance our knowledge on various things by exchange of our live's experiences, culture, creative, music, photography, writing skills, theatre, spiritual love, yoga life, religious outlooks, tantra, cooking or just various other life adventure subjects. =====Cultural Gateway:===== I can be a gateway for you to understand India, and city Mumbai, in rightful direction. India mesmerises, cherishes, nurtures, and cares if you connect well. Being a spiritually inclined myself, can help you to understand ancient heritage quests in religion, spirituality, culture and food. :) So, that if you want you can get maximum benefits in your trip. And as i keep travelling myself, we can share insight for your trip plan.===== Yoga:===== Practise basic Yoga and Meditation for Health Benefits.===== Chill:===== Read books, discuss culture, soul growth, connecting with religious places, spiritually.===== Food and Home Ayurveda health remedies:===== Learn Indian recipes, and basic Ayurvedic home remedies for heathy life, and beauty. :)===== Mumbai is a city which behaves like a country. It has flavour of whole India, which just engulfs you in its own world. So, you get to experience the best of various cultures in one city. And you get to stay in one of the best parts of the city. Where a lazy walk is through village styled lanes, and towards a sun rise or set on the sea. You are surrounded with night life, shopping lanes, religious approaches, and right kind of crowd. Everything is for share in the house, with couch bed and Indian food cooked at home. Which you can enjoy. And if you need to cook anything you like, you can buy veggies from near by street market or super market. The food can be Vegan, Veg, or Non-Veg, as per choices.===== The transport is easily available around the house. Local train station is fifteen minutes walk. With Rikshaw or Taxi at two minutes. Can tell you the right way to explore the city, and if i will be free i can accompany you to see the city Mumbai. Neighbours are mostly quite, and mix religions of India. All over their cultural boundaries need to be respected, and so their believes, too.

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