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This is the right place for people who is interersted in charity work and animal care. Dogs need a lot of care and love, also people to cook for them, clean their spaces, give food and shower, spend time with them, going for a walk and so on.
Duties require physical effort and empathy but the reward is 100% resturned by dogs love.

Other habilities we are interested on: photography, artwork in mural, grafitti and painting

We are an intercultural marriage we have a nice dog Shelter having currently around 60 dogs located in the mountain area of Peru (Carhuaz) altitute about 2700 m located 35 minutes from Huaraz. We started this project on November 2021 after many pets were abandonned due to pandemic crisis. This project is part of a private charity. We also own a beautiful Eco Hotel, the income of hotel is destinated to cover dog shelter expenses. In hotel we grow trees and have small farm chickens, rabbits, sheeps, gueese and dogs ( they are only pet, we are vegetarian). Some areas of eco hotel are designated to host volunteers so is mandatory to keep order and cleanliness

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Tuve la oportunidad de realizar un voluntariado de dos semana en Casa Viva. Fue una experiencia inolvidable que me cambió la vida.
El refugio es un lugar maravilloso donde los perros reciben el amor y el cuidado que necesitan. Sus dueños, Jessi y Kishor son excelentes personas con un gran corazon.
Durante mi voluntariado, tuve la oportunidad de realizar una variedad de tareas, incluyendo:
Alimentar a los perros, Limpiar las jaulas, Darles paseos, bañarlos y Jugar con ellos.
El trabajo puede ser duro, pero es muy gratificante
Recomiendo a Casa Viva 100%.

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I loved my time at Casa Viva! The work is definitely hard but very rewarding knowing you’re supporting their amazing cause. The hostel is quiet and nice and the town is small and charming. Don’t forget to bring clothes you don’t plan on bringing home!

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The hosts made me feel very welcome. In the project I spent a lot of time with the dogs, you go for a walk with them, pet them and clean their places. I also had a great experience with the international volunteers. On my stay I had the chance to practice my English a lot, I hadn't had a lot of possibilities to practice Spanish though

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Ser voluntaria en "Casa Viva", un albergue para perros en Carhuaz, Perú, fue una experiencia gratificante. Participar en campañas de adopción nos permitió encontrar hogares amorosos para muchos perros necesitados. Además, conducir el auto para transportarlos a sus nuevos hogares fue emocionante y reconfortante. Contribuir a su bienestar fue inolvidable.

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I had a great time volunteering here! You will grow a connection to the dogs over time and you will meet many great people with your time here. I also was given the opportunity to help grow in my leadership skills which was an added bonus. You need to be prepared to work hard as you will be cleaning dog cages and walking multiple dogs during your shift. I absolutely recommend volunteering here.

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