Earth Garden Tiny House and Cat Refuge

IT'S ALL ABOUT THEM CATS! ALSO, LGBTQ+ FAM WELCOME! If you love cats and are independent, responsive, and think you could live in a remote area with minimal (but decent) shelter, read on. This is a great opportunity to disconnect and get back to nature. I don't mean that you'll be cut off from the world: you can get mobile data, but there's no running water, the toilet is outside, and the electricity is solar. If you love hiking, you’ll be in heaven here. Vis has many hiking trails through hills and valleys, often with stunning sea views along the way. The most beautiful part of my land is the Sea Garden, where you can go to enjoy a view across the sea to Hvar, Brač and the mainland mountains in the distance. There’s also a rough-cut walking path nearby that can get you down to the water (the bay of Rogačić) in 20 to 30 minutes, depending on how athletic you are. Walking to and from town should take you a half-hour either way if you're sporty, or maybe 45 minutes if you're slow like me.

I live in town from October through May and going up to feed the land cats every day is difficult for me. I need cat caretakers as well as help with easy land maintenance. The living conditions here are most likely rougher than you're used to: princesses need not apply. There's hiking up or downhill through a small forest to get to and from town, and there's weather. You'll need a backpack, good shoes and a headlamp: no suitcases! The tiny house is minimal but cozy: if you enjoy getting back to basics, it has everything you need. I want people to stay for a month at a time, arriving and departing on the first of a month. This is a tiny bit negotiable and there are occasionally exceptions, like the month of May when someone will be arriving on the 16th, but basically that's the deal. You MUST be in Split the night before coming to Vis! You need to take the 11 am ferry from Split (or whatever the first one is on the day you travel to Vis: it's usually at 11) which puts you on Vis at 1:20 pm, enough time for getting to the tiny house and doing orientation before dark. No dogs allowed.

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