Volunteer currently will get too stay in bungalow housed which just renovated and at the same time Will learn and expose more on Agriculture industries. We will built a homestay with different concept in our valley and our volunteers will get to stay once it ready to move in by this mid year 2018. HEre volunteers will expose to Malaysia largest durian orchard, one of largest aquaponics farm and Eco Tourism. They will also will have opportunity to stay and learn more on conservation of our mothernature.

We are pioneer in food industries business in Malaysia and value our staff which consider assets of our company. We welcome volunteer to join us. Currently we are developing eco tourism and Aquaphonics agro tourism which is one of the largest in Malaysia. Thus we are looking for volunteers to join us as one of the pioneer to create this landmark. Once volunteer start to join us, we will in return will provide them free accommodation stay in future depend on no of hours work.

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