Eco-Homestead in the mountains of Monteverde with a father and son.

We are looking for housesittetrs from mid july to mid August. Welcome to our new eco-homestead nestled in the cloud forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica! We are a passionate father-son duo seeking enthusiastic volunteers to join us in
building and renovating our sustainable home. With over a decade of experience hosting volunteers, David, a knowledgeable biologist, and my 5-year-old son, have built an off-grid home which they share with volunteers from around the world. This is a new permaculture project, with lots of projects ongoing and many due to start.

We are looking for individuals or couples with skills in childcare, gardening, landscaping, building, plumbing, interior design and any other trades to help us improve our home. We are looking for individuals with a real interest in permaculture, sustainability and off grid life. You dont need experience but some knowledgeis expected. This project offers a unique opportunity to hone your skills, exchange knowledge, and contribute to the creation of an eco-friendly home. I am excited to learn from you and we can figure things out together.

During your stay, you'll be welcomed as part of our family, sharing not only our passion for sustainable living but also our daily activities. My son and I live on a 1/2 hectare of mostly abandoned pasture close to a small river on the edge of a forest. We have a private room with a double bed and ensuite for our volunteers which looks out onto the mountains, with only a short walk to a beautiful river that is ideal for swimming and relaxing on your time off. All of your food will be included, however, you will be encouraged to help with cooking meals and collecting food from our gardens. Our home is completely off-grid with no WiFi or electricity, however, there are solar lights and power banks for charging your electronics and there is phone signal if you have a SIM card. David can also help with his HotSpot if needed. There is running water throughout the property.


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La experiencia en casa de David fue hermosa.
La finca es un increíble espacio verde, entre montañas, rodeada de naturaleza y paz.
Se respira aire puro y un clima perfecto!

Disfrutas de las actividades rodeado de mariposas, pájaros, monos, tucanes, que siempre merodean el lugar...

Disfrutas del cuidado de los animales, viendo nacer nuevas crías mientras crecen crías anteriores...

David, Rook y Tapita🐶 Son hermosos anfitriones.
El compartir es muy armonioso. Las actividades son designadas con mucho cariño y paciencia y David siempre pendiente de nuestras necesidades.

100% recomendado 🙏✨

2 meses atrás



Es un lugar muy tranquilo en la cima del pueblo, cerca de un mini super y muchos lugares para ir a caminar por tu cuenta. Las tareas son principalmente jardinería y mantenimiento en los senderos del mariposario de 8am -1 pm y cocinar rotativamente para todos los voluntarios.
La organización con la comida que se ofrece es un poco escaza ya que se debe repartir durante toda la semana y no es suficiente para todos.
Podrían mejorar un poco las condiciones de la ducha y la casa de voluntarios, con ayuda de los mismos.

3 meses atrás

David respondeu

There is always plenty of food. I got complaints that you used up all the choices bits very quickly. A little planning and foresight goes a long way.



David is a very productive person and likes to get things done as fast as possible. This is a good thing as long as you don’t stress other people immensely. He did not like if we didn’t work as fast as he did and pushed us all the time. He would get angry and threat us with throwing us out, because although we worked all the hours and did a really good job, it wasn’t fast enough for him. You can not expect people who don’t have 11 years of experience like you to work in the exact same way. Additionally he didn’t communicate his expectations at all, so we had no clue we weren’t fulfilling them.

4 meses atrás

David respondeu

Well, you were late every day. You refused to work the days I wanted. I should never have taken three teenagers.



Our time volunteering with David was great. We helped in the garden and with social media. The location is beautiful and spending our free time swimming in the nearby river was really nice

5 meses atrás



I stayed with my girlfriend for 12 days and I would recommend this experience. We housesat David's place for 3 days and performed a variety of tasks each day including watering, feeding animals, and helping in the garden.
During our time off we could relax, explore the property or go for a swim in the stream nearby. David lent me a permaculture book to read and I enjoyed discussing concepts with him and learning from him.
The view from the house is amazing and I enjoyed cooking fresh meals from the garden each day. If you're interested in practising permaculture skills, this is a good place.

5 meses atrás

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