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thats footbal its great we love it its exciting let's have a game we're gonna win yes go football! JUNE 20 UPDATE! COME HELP OUT NOW AND ENJOY THE BOUNTY OF OUR ORGANIC GARDENS STARTING TO FLOW! We're looking for one helper or a couple who are happy to do lots of odd jobs including standard garden stuff (yea - you know, weeding too....;-) ) a little whitewashing, helping build an outdoor grill, a stone patio, grounds stuff - our arrangements for this time period will be 25 hours a week, stay in a **beautiful** spot with your or our tent and fix your meals from the gardens bounty and other foodstuffs we provide for you - we will do some meals together but not on a specific schedule - you eat when you want to! Get yourself(s) to Oleiros Portugal and we collect you there! Come! it is a perfect time of year to enjoy this forest Quinta! (have a 7+ year old child? get in touch - Kiara loves the company!) We *️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️greatly*️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ appreciate helpers that are sincerely interested and even experienced in organic growing, gardening, natural building and who have a passion for nature and the natural way of doing things - THANKS! This is an ecological experience center with a specific emphasis on learning and sharing for the Free Learning (homeschooling/free schooling/unschooling) international community. With us you can learn from our decades of experience with all kinds of building techniques, natural and conventional, extensive organic growing and greenhouse experience, entrepreneurship in innumerable businesses, music and languages, free learning for children (and big people!), and much more. We love to share our knowledge in hope that you can take what we know and use it to grow even further! Our facility is a large naturally renovated Portuguese ruin on an old very private Portuguese estate of 50 hectares. Besides a wonderful space for you to do yoga or hang out, a large communal kitchen for all of us to prepare our meals, modern bath, and shower, there are 50 hectares of stunning unspoiled nature to experience and explore.

Family run - come and join our life for a while! Kiara is a *very* friendly kid and loves to interact - Between us, we speak English, German, Swiss German, French and a bit of Portuguese. We have so many projects to do and we love to create and have fun doing them! There is not much in the way of night life - but if you love nature and forests, green lush fields and sparkling spring water (and fluvial beaches on lovely rivers!) then you'll have a great time with us! We ourselves are from 2 different countries (the US and Switzerland) living in a 3rd (Portugal) with other volunteers from many different countries and diverse visitors as well! We speak Engish, French, German, Swiss German and are learning Portuguese. We use techniques and skills we have learned from extensive world traveling and living in numerous countries. We are musical with guitars, ukeleles, piano and a variety of drums and rhythm stuff - doing impromptu music jams is great - singing, vocalizing or drumming - ABOUT INTERNET ACCESS! - LIMITED INTERNET ACCESS! THis is kinda important - we only have a hotspot (we're out there...) and it has a strict limit monthly soooooo, only essential internet traffic is possible NO music, movies, downloads, NO excessive bandwidth of any kind! thanks - We ask you plan to stay 7-10 days - Come help, play and relax into a very beautiful project with us!

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Ohhh man!!! I dont even know how to start it! The experience in this Quinta was completely awesome!! Moksha, Nikola and Kiara are the best host family ever!! Since the begining they were such atentious to us, and they give everything as the agreed and even more!! For the rest of our lives we will always remember every moment that we lived together!! A BIG THANKS FOR EVERYTHING FAMILY!!! Xo from the 2 Vs!!!

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DUUUUUUDE AND DUEEEDETTE! Thanks for your help and love guys - !

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