El Jardin de la Vida

El Jardin de la Vida is an educational center focused on helping people learn to live a more sustainable life. We are passionate about natural building, gardening, and slow food. If you are interested in learning more about how you can slow down in your life, work more with your hands and find time to appreciate all you have, come visit us

At El Jardin de la Vida, we have an appreciation for time. We understand the demands the modern world places us on to be faster, do more, for everything to be more “efficient” and we understand the struggle to escape this pressure. Our goal is to live a lifestyle in which we have an acceptance and appreciation for a slower pace of progress. We accept that instant gratification provides just that- satisfaction for an instant but still leaves us feeling ultimately unfulfilled. However, when we work slowly, thoughtfully on a project the feeling of satisfaction is not fleeting- it is grounding. We aim to provide a space where visitors can retreat from the hectic pace of modernity and explore the gratitude that can be achieved by mindfully working on a task. By allowing our visitors to make a lasting contribution to an evolving space we hope to provide a feeling of connectedness to something larger than any one person.

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