Elite Academia de Ingles

You will be living in a small town located 45 minutes away from the capital city of Colombia. Our beautiful town called Tabio has nice weather (cold and warm). We have no more than 30.000 habitants. It is a very safe town where you can walk without worrying about your safety. Our Academy is located in the center of the town right in front of the local banks. It is a very beautiful one-floor colonial house. Your classes will not have more than 6 students per class between the ages of 10 and 65. Training will be given to you the first week and the material will be provided to you by us. Working hours are 8 per day, these working hours are going to be distributed during the day having breaks in the morning, afternoon and evening.

We are all part of a small family here at the academy so you will feel just like home. Experience Colombian culture and share yours with your students. Learn a different language by interacting with locals. Enjoy tasting our delicious cuisine with some of our best desserts. Visit Cartagena ,Santa Marta, San Andres and many more wonderful places in Colombia during your free time. Get a charge out of Colombia´s night life.

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