Elveko Horse Riding Adventures

Travelers will learn how to take care of the horses and how to gain peace of mind by living in the countryside. How grateful the animals can be when are taken care for and just by being on a beautiful island of Cyprus. Also, we can help you learn Greek and show you what Cypriot culture is about.

Come and experience life on a beautiful island of Cyprus on our small horse farm. This is a small farm run by a welcoming host who has a great knowledge of horses and love of this beautiful island of Cyprus. There are horses, dogs, cats, donkey, pony and a Blue and Gold Macaw. We are organizing a place and hopefully with your help we can make the farm rise. We organize trail rides throughout the year, as well as camping and trips to the beach. The main city is approximately 12km away from the farm. We have fun almost every day with the animals and would like to show you what a great place we have.

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