Ema Ghana Foundation(Community)

We need volunteer Fundraising campaigners, Administrators and Office Assistants .We are community base organization(CBO)operating at Adansi community of Ghana. We are looking for volunteer who may campaign for funds to assist our foundation.The foundation was established to:
1. Raise funds to support the charity school and the needy children in the community The school runs from nursery,primary ,junior high and adult education. It mostly take children between the ages of 2 to 17 years and above.
2.To assist the construction of the project like community toilet and pipe borne water
3.To promote community excellence awards
4. To support community funeral funds
5 To support community Church funds
We are able to do this with the help of international volunteers. We are looking for volunteers who may use our crowdfunding to campaign for funds to support our CBO
We also need an office assists and administrators who may be in our office and offer their services.Qualification is not needed in our service and there is no age limit. we offer volunteer food and accommodation to exchange to their services. Volunteer only use 2to3 hours per day and for 5days from Monday to Friday's with 2 Days off
Volunteers rooms consist of treated mosquito nets,6 inches sleeping mattress,and we offer free laundry services to our volunteers. There are many tourist attraction like mountains,rivers,lakes mining sites valley and rivers where volunteers can enjoy during their free period. we also assist volunteers in their visas processing

I am a married woman with four children attend high school in Ghana. I have 2 full time workers and volunteers.Both my husband work in the organization Both volunteers and our staff always in good cordial relations and ready to support volunteers


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La familia que me acogió era encantadora, si quieres vivir la experiencia de conocer su cultura, sus hábitos y tradiciones, así como su gastronomía es un buen sitio para visitar. Los niños de la escuela son geniales, me recibieron con los brazos abiertos y están llenos de energía. Buena experiencia.

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Muy buena experiencia, tanto en la escuela, donde sin dedicarme a la enseñanza he descubierto cuanto puedo enseñar de mis conocimientos en diversas materias y lo aplicados que son los niños a pesar de las dificultades que puedan estar pasando. Como en el alojamiento donde convivir con una familia local, te muestra mucho sobre la cultura ghanesa fuera de las grandes ciudades. Experiencia totalmente recomendable.

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Sarah and her children were very friendly & cooked a variety of such tasty food! They and Sam always ensured I arrived home safely. Sam or Sarah took me to some nearby communities to visit a beautiful and peaceful waterfall, the market, cities, villages, residents and food stands.

My room was comfortable, quiet and safe but not the one pictured in the organization’s profile.

There were some misunderstandings with Sam. He seemed open to hearing my feelings. Sadly I only taught 6 days in 3 weeks. The capable teachers supported me if I requested anything. The students were sweet and fun!

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