Ember Hostel

It's an awesome hostel with luxurious amenities, super comfy beds, and generally chill vibe. Flexibility with schedule as we have 24 hour reception and weekly events - so lots of opportunity to meet your minimum hour requirement. Our location is awesome for extended stay with grocers, transportation, and proximity to downtown/drinking districts.

You will make many new friends here with your teammates. We all work really well together and think this is the best job ever. We have two housekeepers and minimum of 6 receptionists, including overnight.

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I was the best sharing I could get.

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All in all this was a great experience. The hostel is super nice and the description of the exchange was accurate. I was there in the slow season, so I would typically finish my jobs very quickly. I found it a bit bothersome that I was told to just “work really slowly” to stretch out a job that was finished in say 2 hours into one that took 6. I met lots of other great and kind volunteers, however, I had some unnecessarily rude interactions with one of the staff members running the front desk. I would recommend this experience— it’s a great hostel. But, some staff need to work on communication

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This was my first time volunteering, and I have no idea of what I expected. But I would never have expected that it would be so much fun!
I have meet so many amazing people on my journey. So there is not a thing about this that I’m regretting, so extremely happy that I got the opportunity.

The work at Ember was so nice, and the flexibility so you actually have opportunities to do something else. There is nothing bad to say about this place!!

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Great experience great teams great environment, very nice hostel awesome experience. Very well kept and well kept guest, Hostel team friendly and accommodating, pleasure being apart of such a cool group of people. Nice environment with fun and relaxing vibes. One of the best managers I’ve ever had in many years of customer service. Great place to meet new friends make good memories and provide a great guest experience. Definitely a home away from home can’t wait to come back hopefully volunteer again.

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Ember Hostel... My second time in America and the best experience ever in this country, i had such a great time in this place as a volunteer, Thea, the staff and the guests were super nice to me and i'll always be thankful, i totally recommend Ember Hostal, you won't regret it, i'm speachless, but i'm gonna say, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! and i'll be back asap.

3 meses atrás

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