This is a non-profit project that wants to create a place of 1.000m² dedicated to 3 main areas: 1/ A socio-cultural centre with various workshops (improv theater, circus, yoga, hacking, community garden, upcycling, innovations, arts... ) 2/ A personal development center (collective intelligence, personal coaching, psycho-genealogy, deep listening, meditation...) 3/ A professional training center on alternative management (for firms essentially) This project is definitely non-profit and we ask ourselves: how to feel richer than people with a lot of money? - Through various workshops, community building, open-minding and collective intelligence... - A place of radical self-expression where you can be yourself without any judgment We are creating it, which means you shall not expect everything perfectly organized or sophisticated as an existing cultural center for several years...

I am 34 years old and initially a French engineer in Climate Change, CEO of a little consulting firm and associate professor at University. I am also teaching entrepreneurship and improv theater. We are looking for people who can help us in many areas, like engineering, architecture, plumbing, handyman, decor, arts... apply and let's see how you can help us make this dream come true! Volunteers from Worldpackers will be staying in a shared dorm in an apartment.

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Enriquezarte is a place where you will learn many things of all kinds for different areas in your life. You can develop your skills and start new ones through the pleasant coexistence among all. It brings you another vision of life and what you want to do with it. But definitely what I took the most was the wonderful and spectacular people I met through this project. People who come from different parts of the world that teaches you and appoints visions that enrich your life and your path as you go true it.

5 meses atrás


Enriquezarte was definitely a challenging experienced. I learn a lot about myself and enjoyed my crew sooo much.
Jean, the owner, is a very special person, i learn from him and so, i thing he learns from the volunteers.
Only apply if you really want to learn and expose yourself to different circumstances that you may not be facing in other projects,(such as hostel volunteering) also if you really fulfill the requirements for the position, if not you may be having some extra difficulties and it wont be fair for anyone.
Hope the project keeps growing strong!

7 meses atrás


Maravillado con la experiencia , todo un aprendizaje , eternamente agradecido.

8 meses atrás


Enriquezarte, es una experiencia llena de amor, de aprendizaje, de convivencia, de compartir lo que uno es y aprender un poco de cada persona, de cada momento, de cada reto que se presenta. Siempre me sentí en familia. Me enamoré del proyecto y de lo que Jean y todo el equipo está haciendo. Ha sido una experiencia enriquecedora y muy importante para mí, fue un placer haber participado en éste proyecto, súper recomendado!!

9 meses atrás


Enriquezarte is the perfect place for you to live both sides of the experience: the community living and volunteering work. Which means: sharing, learning, hard working and GROWING - With lots of art and culture. Jean is a wonderful person and works hard for a better world. It is definetely a project with a purpose and that's what makes you work hard everyday - to know you are doing something beautiful and bigger than yourself.
Before going to Enriquezarte I had this single thought in mind ''I want to go to a place with love''; and that was exactly what I've found there. Thank you so much!!

9 meses atrás

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