ESN Oktoberfest campsite

If you want to visit the biggest beerfestival in the world, this is the most cost efficient option around. With a lot of time to enjoy the festival you will be sure that you haven't missed a thing.

As all former ESN members we know the international crowd is the best crowd. You'll be spending your time with mostly international students from all over the world and showing them the time of their life.

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awesome experience, a lot of fun! Nicki and Yuri are very nice :)
all meals at the campsite were included, which is very great, and the job was pretty much helping building, cleaning and putting down tents. We had a lot of time to enjoy Oktoberfest as well

2 meses atrás

Estados Unidos

Yuri and Nicki were awesome hosts! They were super accommodating. The work was hard at times but it was an awesome and entertaining experience. well worth it!

2 meses atrás


Nicki, Yuri and Stella are really nice hosts... live the Oktoberfest experience with Yes - Trips was amazing. Was the opportunity to know new people. Thank you so much.

2 meses atrás


I had a good time at ESN Oktoberfest campsite and I met many cool people! The festival was great and the whole experience as well! The work at the camp could be at times kinda hard but Yuri and Nicki tried to compensate and did their best to keep us happy! If you're not used to camping, it might be hard to adapt in the environment but eventually, the whole experience is well worth it!

2 meses atrás


Nicki, Yuri and Stella are awesome! Yes Trips gave me the opportunity to live the real Oktoberfest experience spending few money as I had all the meals and a tent in exchange for the working hours. They explained how the festival works and gave us all the tips to have an incredible time! Our tasks were mainly building tents and keep them cleaned to the guests. They were very flexible about the working hours, so we could enjoy the festival and have some free time to visit Munich as well. I highly recommend them as a host, they care a lot about the volunteers, so much love and fun!!!

2 meses atrás

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