ESN Oktoberfest campsite

If you want to visit the biggest beerfestival in the world, this is the most cost efficient option around. With a lot of time to enjoy the festival you will be sure that you haven't missed a thing.

As all former ESN members we know the international crowd is the best crowd. You'll be spending your time with mostly international students from all over the world and showing them the time of their life.

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I had an incredible time working at YesTrips Oktoberfest. It was my first WorldPackers experience, and it could not have been better. Nicki was very nice and always made sure we had everything we needed and that the hours and work was fair. The other volunteers were also amazing and so welcoming, I made friendships that will last a lifetime. The cherry on top was going to the Oktoberfest festival with all my new friends. Thank you YesTrips and WorldPackers for an unforgettable experience! <3




The experience in the campsite was amazing. First of all I got crazy with the opportunity of worldpacker during the Oktorberfest. When I arrived and met the teammates and hosts I got sure that I was in the right place. Every single day we help each other with our activities to be free soon to we enjoy the festival together.
In the free time (without work or festival to do) we enjoyed our main tent, with good music, people, food and a lot of fun.
About the work, the activites are easy, but do not be lazy! Be productive for you and others to enjoy all. Prosit!!




my experience in the campsite was too cool and fun. although the weather was not the best .. it was still very nice .. the people I met, the experience of the oktober fest, sharing things and much more. Luckily I had a nice group. led by niki our hostess who besides being a genius and a beautiful person is always attentive to you not missing anything.
I really enjoyed it, I definitely recommend it to anyone .. the work seems difficult but if you work in a team, and effectively. You will have plenty of time to relax or walk around the city. The central station of Munich is 20 minutes from riem




Seriously was amazing. Nicki was the best lider I had ever seen!She makes me feel like an expert on the Oktoberfest she knows the best tips and she teachs me a lot.The work could be hard sometimes but as we work together as a team everything was much easier.
The work is also less somedays and you will have a lot of time to go to festival (The campsite is 20 minutes away).I reaally recommend to all the travelers to make this great experience. Everything was as they described and even better.
The organizers were amazing thanks a lot nicki yuri toni you where super kind and helpful with me!




The best experience with the best team in the best festival ever. I had an amazing time working and living with these people. I would like to thank Nicki for giving me this opportunity and the other volunteers for making it awesome.


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