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Annalisa and her family were incredible hosts, the house is sweet and the landscape is amazing, which makes the work even more pleasant. The project of the agrocommunity is unique and very exciting, and the fact that they really count on the help of the volunteers makes us feel very important to the process! I loved the experience and really recommend it if you are willing to work hard and help in whatever they need. Special thanks to Annalisa and her family, looking forward to see the next steps of the building. lots of love ❤️

aproximadamente 2 meses atrás


We had a great stay at Anna's house. We were looking for a place to walk around and work a little. Highly recommend this place and Anna and her family are great hosts.

2 meses atrás


This was my first worldpackers experience and what an experience it was! The place is really beautiful and relaxing. The work you do is fun and always according to your capabilities. Annalisa and her family are incredibly kind and welcoming! They made me feel like a part of the family in no time. I was with two other amazing volunteers so it was really fun! Without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life!

3 meses atrás


I loved it. I went there looking for a bit of a getaway from the hectic backpacking/hostel life and even though I was working it felt like a holiday. Within the two weeks I was there they made me feel like part of the family, resulting in my staying for a few extra days.
The language barrier somehow didn't cause any problems either, it just made things entertaining if anything.
Food was amazing, the scenery was amazing, the family was amazing and I can't wait to go back.

4 meses atrás


Maybe sometimes I didn't like the fact that I'm working in the room alone, while others are at home, then you feel more like a worker, then volunteer (but maybe it's because I was the only volunteer at the moment or maybe it's my problem)
The rest were great: you learning fast and a lot because of tasks, you're sharing talks at the food table, you feel surrounded by care, love and joy, they LET you IN to their family, you became part of it for one week, knowing their problems, sharing yours and that's being part of smth.
They have beautifful idea for eco-farm and I wish them the best with it

4 meses atrás