Ewaso Maasai College Trust

1.Travelers will BENEFITS to learn our our culture. 2. Volunteer will learn local language which is Kiswahili. 3.Volunteer will learn to cook African foods local foods which is Ugali, Potatoes, Banana,Drinking porridge . 4. Volunteers will visit local tourism sites by our students around in Tanzania during their field tours, Culture tour. 5.Volunteer will be able visit local open market in Moshi. 6.learning our tradition songs and dancing with local people, learning how to make arts and craft, practice sport in our community ground which will be great opportunity to get involved with local people and our students. 7.You will be able to meet with maasai community in our place witnessing their wedding, local dance and traditional. 8. Moshi is the tourist city which you will be able to witnessing the HIGHEST MOUNT IN Africa Mount KILIMANJARO 9. During our free time in other days we do cycling with local people .

hello We are currently 5 people working at Ewaso Maasai college trust Goodluck Maganila a teacher and head of the Organization, Omari Mwanga(teacher), Pauline James( Secretary), Samson Misana (Volunteer organizer) Irine Mbwambo(teacher). All of out team members work as teachers in our organization to make sure our students attain their goals.Teachers who support young’s to build their carrier in Local and Global for Tourism industry by learning international Languages. We are dealing in Training in Tourism sector and other courses such as hospitality management, Tourism and Travel, Wildlife Management, Journalisms and Languages Volunteers will be living in volunteer house with other volunteers, three meals will be provided. She/He will be treated respectfully. Welcome to make changes with us.

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