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Experience Kenya, just as our name says, is an initiative to give you the traveler, a chance to sample Kenya - the village life, small city life, big city life and finally, our pristine beaches, while all along you're helping Kenyan kids learn a new language, a new skill or just teaching them about your country. It's all about INTERACTION and sharing of your culture in a mutually beneficial exchange. Africa has problems. That's true of any other country. But if you're willing to help make the world a better place for a child and their parents through ideas, material donations, and MOST IMPORTANT, giving your TIME, then you're in the right place. A volunteer to us is a very special human being: a person leaving his/her country to come and spend time and help us. We'll therefore treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve, and accord you all the help we can. You're a gift to us.

Mary is a trained chef raising a family in Kiambu, Kenya. A humble lady, she'll accommodate you in her 2-bedroomed house and ensure you've the best breakfast & dinner as you go out to help the kids and live the dream. We've several volunteer staff who'll accompany you in most places (in the beginning), show you around the city, the village, the beach in the Indian Ocean etc. Experience Kenya is my way of trying to do something for the community (free education for poor kids & their parents). I earn money through my chef jobs so this is a way of helping others. For there's no greater feeling than helping another person. I'll treat you as I treat my own child: with love, respect and welcoming heart.

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Ensinar idiomas Ensinar esportes Cuidar de crianças

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Cuidar de crianças Ensinar idiomas

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Mary treated me like a family member. I feel really well and we had a lot of fun together. They are open for all help and we laughed a lot together with the kids. Thank you for the lovely stay!!!

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