Experience the culture and language in Kondae

Close to Konkuk and Sejong University. There are a lot of young people in the neighborhood and shops and restaurants are cheaper than any other University areas in Seoul.

I'm Jeong-Yoon, the manager here. I grew up in Europe for some time and speak English as my second language. I am very much used to working with foreigners and I promise to provide a safe place for visitors to make them feel like home :)

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this trip is the most amazing experience i've ever done so far and this is all thanks to the beautiful and caring people i met here. i wanna say thank you to Yoon for being present and available and to the staff for being my second family. Absolutely recommend! can't wait to see all of you again!!

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What an amazing experience and truly, a wonderful environment! I can't recommend this enough and so would most people that have come here, since everyone just keeps extending their stay. :D Yoon, the manager, is super helpful, friendly, polite and always ready for some bonding time over Korean barbecue. The people you meet at the studio and the conversation you get to have with them are truly a once in a lifetime experience. There's more than enough time to explore Seoul and Korea on the side.

I'm definitely coming back! Thank you everyone for this amazing experience!

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I loved my stay in Seoul. This adventure has been an incredible opportunity to get to know the South Korean culture up close and personal. Yoon made me feel welcome and was attentive to everyone. The people I lived with in the residence were very nice and I enjoyed the time we spent together. I would definitely recommend it to others because these types of experiences are truly a life-changing opportunity.
Best of luck for everyone in the studio! I hope to come back soon:)

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I am actually still here, but I got to say that Yoon is one of the most kind and understanding people I’ve ever met! The people at the studio are sweet and open to any kind of conversation and sometimes you get good friends too! Absolutely recommend

4 meses atrás

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My experience was great! I got to speak to so many nice people and learn about different cultures as well. The host was very accommodating and was very nice as well.

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