Faro Sun Life Hostel

We're looking for volunteers to help us while they enjoy the natural parks and the beach and spend a great time with our guests and staff. We have an excellent infrastructure, because our hostel is brand new, you can watch our institutional video here on our page to know it better and we invite you to read the comments from our ex-volunteers and their experiences with us. Our warm and nice hostel is located in Faro, south Portugal. We're very close to the airport, just 15 minutes walking, lucky to have breathtaking sunsets, on our Terrace and a beach 5 minutes by car or 30 minutes walking.

Our main target is to make sure that not only our guests, but also our volunteers have an excellent experience while they are with us through a fair and flexible task list so that everyone has the chance to relax and at the same time contribute to our environment. You help us 5 days, 4 hours per day and have 1 day off on the sixth day. We look forward to meet you :)


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I worked at the reception desk, the job was easy, I mean you need a few days to know how to do everything, but yeah ;) I want to refer to previous reviews, during my stay the hostel was max 50% full, it means I didn’t have this feeling that the job is too much, yeah but it was September. The hostel’s garden is amazing place, spacious and cozy, great place to socialize with quests. Summarizing my experience, I really enjoyed it! There is only one thing, most of the volunteers are from Brazil, so they tended to speak Portuguese within each other. It wasn’t a big problem, but sth you noticed.

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La experiencia estuvo bien, aunque no había muy buena vibra, el lugar quedaba lejos de la playa y la ciudad. Agradecida de Alex una muy buena persona y la gente que conocí

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I had good days, but some days not. We were just three volunteers for the housekeeping, but just two worked together in the morning shift and the other in the night shift (but had to do the afternoon tasks too, because there weren’t volunteers enough). The good part was the people that I met there, the other volunteers. Thanks Alex, Carlos and Tabata for this time together.

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As my first volunteering experience it didn’t meet my expectations. The hostel (being run by a single employee working 24/7 and volunteers) was not equipped to face the busiest months of the year. This meant that the workload was overwhelming and very tiring. We worked as actual non-paid workers rather than volunteers. Go at your own risk (and absolutely avoid the month of August).

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Sorry but I cannot recommend this hostel to anybody. I wanted to have fun community experience as I have seen in many hostels before as a guest, but here it was total workworkwork, you only wanted the time go by during your shift and go out of the building as soon as possible. There was no way to relax in the hostel even on your free time. I was working in the reception at the worst possible time, everyday was 100% full, running to show the two floors of the hostel to every guest separately in the high heat. They put too much resposibility on volunteers. Never volunteering again…

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