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Iquique is bursting with incredible sights and activities, with a huge variety of geological phenomena,beach , and generally beautiful scenery on offer to be visited. Volunteers can get discounted access to tours offered from the hostel! Although we are a very social hostel always bustling with fun travellers, we do expect volunteers to prioritise their assigned work and pull their weight to complete all their tasks, and distribute them evenly amongst all staff.

We are a fun, lively and social hostel in the heart of Iquique paradise!!!. At our hostel we have the added benefit of being located a short walk from the beach, city center, super markets and everything you need... We have a team of fun and energetic staff, and a constant flow of adventurous and lively guests, giving our hostel the best atmosphere in town.


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My experience at Feel Iquique Hostel was too good except for some things that had happened with a guy from the staff, that he physically assaulted me, and expulse me in the middle of the night in a place that I don't even know anyone, but now I'm processing him and the hostel for what had happened. But except those facts all the things were really great, I just had to work a feel times more than was primarily on the accord, but that's ok. I met incredible persons there that I'd preserve the contact for the rest of my life.

4 meses atrás

Feel Iquique respondeu

Alexandre had the night shift which was basically sleeping all night except for the times he brought guys from outside the hostel to have sex with them in the bathrooms being that one of the reasons he was expelled. The other reasons where being disrespectful with the staff and all the passengers by eating their food on the barbacues and drinking their wine. He was expelled from the hostel for waking up everyone at 5 am making noise being drunk behind the front desk with another guy on his lap, when this happened we told him to stop everything and send everyone to sleep which he replied that he could do whatever he wanted and no one could tell him what to do.... We are still getting threads from him and he keeps making things up that makes no sense at all.... i wouldnt recommend him unless you want your facilitties shut.

Nova Zelândia

It was a lot of fun cool other staff and best location ever. Management has changed as i left so not sure how it is now.

5 meses atrás

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