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This experience was amazing! The staff is so nice that they will do everything to make you feel like you are part of the family. The job is really fair. If you do it properly they will appreciate it, and you will get really good food! Freddy and Chris are not really present at the farm but when they come for a visit they will make sure you live a great experience! The chef even offered me a ride at 3:00 am to the airport of Liberia so that I would not have to pay for bus and a hotel. I had a crazy experience and I hope everybody will say the same!

4 meses atrás

Estados Unidos

This place is great! The hosts treat you like family and were very patient with me as I had little experience and speak little Spanish. I learned a ton and had lots of fun! The owners Chris and Freddy are super cool and let me spend a day at the factory as well. The room you stay in is now much smaller than what the picture shows but I wasn’t in it much anyways. The work is a good mix of things, some days hard physical labor and others easier work with clients, the hours are very fair. Definitely take some time on the weekends for Rio Celeste and Ranario! Thank you to everyone at Finca Cata!

6 meses atrás


I came to the Finca spontaneously after the riots in Nicaragua and they were welcoming and easy going. The bosses come about once a week so you will spend most of the time with the two sisters Joselyn and Rocelyn and their cute children. They treated me like family from the beginning and Rocelyn cooks great food. I came as a English teacher and they didn't have much time for my English classes which was a pity but I enjoyed my time at the finca a lot and did farm tours for the tourists or translated for them. It's not a party place but nice and relaxed and if you enjoy nature it's perfect.

6 meses atrás


Increible lugar y personas. Mi experiencia fue increíble, Joselyn es pura vida ( como dicen los ticos) , y tambien su familia y dueños de la finca. Pude hacer muy buena relación con ellos, y me hicieron sentir en casa. El lugar es increíble, estar alrededor de la naturaleza, era lo mas relajante. Y bueno lo más delicioso fue comer una mandarina recién tomada del árbol :) . Gracias por todo a todos en la Finca

1 ano atrás