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All previous volunteers have so enjoyed challenging themselves in removing the stigma attached to what we look like without clothing ...It's all about 'Freedom without Judgement'. You will be part of a team that enjoys good social times. We all (guests and volunteers) share meals together, stories and experiences. You will have total run of the property and enjoy swimming, jacuzzi, walks on the 70 acres of private land ...and the company of 2 adorable dogs called 'Boycie & Canela' :-)

I lived life in the fast lane (so to speak) travelling the world working in Formula 1 motor racing. I've now put the brakes on and enjoy the long warm tranquil days (sometimes lively!) running a stunning countryside guest house in the heart of Andalusia Spain. Volunteers are welcomed with a massive smile and huge respect ... You will eat fresh foods, drink whenever you like including alcohol (just stay on the right side of wobbly!) ...and live life in real Spain. No all day breakfast signs here! You are expected to challenge yourself in joining the 'Naturist Way' (without clothing) ...those that have volunteered here over the past 3 years have left re-charged and feel liberated. Contact me for past volunteers blogs.

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This was my first experience as a vonlunteer, and it couldn´t be best. Andy is an amazing host for both volunteers and guest. He replies very quickly any doubt you can have, so it makes you feel confident about volunteering and naturist. From the first moment I arrived I felt like home. I´ve been in naturist environments before, but never felt so good. The work is very easy, and as it is shared with other volunteers you get it done in a very enjoyable way. The food was amazing, I loved the pool, meeting and interacting with guests and volunteers, the dogs... I will definitely come back!!

15 dias atrás


Volunteering at Finca Natura was a great experience. The place is beautiful, tasks are simple, and you have a lot of time to enjoy the sun, the pool and the nature around you.
Andy is a wonderful host, always making sure if you are confortable and happy.
The other volunteers were very nice to me, showing me around and helping me to learn everything. Plus, you'll meet two lovely dogs, Boycie and Canela.
Finca is a great place to have a first naturist experience, with a reserved and respectful environment. I never thought I could do it, untill I tried, and I'm glad I did!

3 meses atrás

Andy respondeu

Also Heloisa was very caring with guests and always put them first....I hope the next place she volunteers appreciates her as much as I did.


What a wonderful place! It was my first time as a Worldpackers volunteer and also my first time in a naturist environment and it was an amazing experience! I'm glad that I met the volunteers, guests, Andy, the food, the place and, of course, his two beautiful dogs. Thank you for everything!

4 meses atrás


Great place to work, relax, meet people and chill! You have plenty of time for yourself, the work is fair, food is great. You can easily feel comfortable in this place to enjoy the naturist way. I had a great time in finca Natura, thank you Andy!

5 meses atrás


This was like a holiday for me. The tasks are very easy, the place is beautiful, calm and the food is just delicious.
Andy is a Amanzing host, all the time very worry about you, if it’s being pleasant, our everthing it’s ok. Have two adorable dogs, you feel like in your home, and very comfortable.
I had a amanzing time in Finca Natura, and for sure want to come back in the future.

5 meses atrás

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