Funky Fes

You should volunteer at Funky Fes Hostel to get the experience of living in the oldest Medina in the world in beautiful Fez, Morocco. Morocco has a unique culture you will get to experience first hand. If you volunteer at Funky Fes Hostel you get experience with working in hostelling and you get to have a great time with the rest of our young international team.

At Funky Fes Hostel we are two managers, two cleaners/cooks, one receptionist and five volunteers. The hostel is managed by my friend Yousra and I, who are both experienced backpackers and are very passionate about our work in the hostel. We are an Argentinian/Moroccan friendship who loves to work in hostelling and with the team. The staff are very openminded and you will find volunteers from all over the world. You can expect to be treated with respect and kindness and we expect the same from our volunteers. It is important for us, that our volunteers are professional and take responsibility while working and representing the hostel, but it is also very important to us, that the volunteers are comfortable and are having fun at the hostel. We want the volunteers to see the whole work exchange as a great work experience and do the daily tasks with a smile.


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This was my first time volunteering and I had such an amazing experience.

1 mês atrás


Funky Fes was an incredible expierence in every sense, you can see the culture in Morocco, and explore the country from there, the work is easy always respecting the schedule and with free time to do your things and know Fes and Morocco.

The team is amazing and the managers are really cool and friendly.
PLUS the FOOD is amazing!!❤

2 meses atrás


Loved this place! The staff, the guests, the flair are absolutely amazing

2 meses atrás


Funky Fes has been by far the best experience I’ve had as a volunteer; the people was welcoming and warm, the team was full of lovely, intersting people, the job was very easy and enjoyable, the place was fantastic in every sense, the people, the culture and all of my interactions were very rewarding. I’d do it again in a hearbeat. Highly recommended!

2 meses atrás


Una increíble experiencia, los anfitriones fueron de lo mejor, un excelente ambiente de trabajo, gracias por todo! :-D

3 meses atrás

Julieta respondeu

Gracias a ti por tu ayuda. Que tengas buena suerte en tus futuros destinos.

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