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You should volunteer at Funky Fes Hostel to get the experience of living in the oldest Medina in the world in beautiful Fez, Morocco. Morocco has a unique culture you will get to experience first hand.
If you volunteer at Funky Fes Hostel you get experience with working in hostelling and you get to have a great time with the rest of our young international team.

At Funky Fes Hostel we have one manager, one cleaner/cook, and five volunteers. The hostel is managed by Yousra who is very passionate about our work in the hostel. The staff is very openminded and you will find volunteers from all over the world. You can expect to be treated with respect and kindness and we expect the same from our volunteers. It is important for us, that our volunteers are professional and take responsibility while working and representing the hostel, but it is also very important to us, that the volunteers are comfortable and are having fun at the hostel. We want the volunteers to see the whole work exchange as a great work experience and do the daily tasks with a smile.

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Yassine, Faris y el resto de los miembros del equipo me acompañaron con sus consejos y sus orientaciones.
Me pidieron colaborar con ellos realizando cuadros y otras decoraciones para el espacio. En un momento, lograron comunicarme con delicadeza de que se estaba esperando más dedicación y tiempo para las tareas.
Me encontré con personas muy interesantes, llenas de curiosidad y de aficiones, capaces de comunicar con respeto en toda circunstancia.
Destaco, además, la flexibilidad y la simpatía de este equipo.
Gracias por esta hermosa experiencia.

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Todo estuvo maravilloso. Yassine y Farris son increíbles además de que el hostal tiene la mejor energía. Conocí gente de todas partes del mundo y tuve mucho tiempo libre para aventurarme dentro de la medina de Fes. Sin duda tengo que volver a Funky Fes, fue la mejor experiencia.

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Funky Fes will always hold a special place in my heart as a home away from home! I had the best time working with other volunteers, getting to know Morocco, and immersing in the culture in Fes. The work is straightforward and the vibe at the hostel is perfectly chill. I loved my experience at Funky and would recommend it to everyone!

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Funky Fes was a fun experience, felt like home on day one, the work isn't hard at all and the hours and days off are fair, you end up with alot of free time, would recommend if you want to visit fes, good place to be

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Working at the hostel was an interesting experience. I was called to support the social media and make new photos to put on channels like Booking. Flexible hours.

Another great thing is that the hostel welcomes many travelers. The breakfast and dinner are excellent and bring a lot of the Moroccan culture.

The points that I could suggest for improvement: to have a fixed space for the volunteers. It would also be nice to promote, in addition to the Walking Tour, other types of tours for us to get to know the region even more.

I recommend the experience!

6 meses atrás

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