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You should volunteer at Funky Fes Hostel to get the experience of living in the oldest Medina in the world in beautiful Fez, Morocco. Morocco has a unique culture you will get to experience first hand. If you volunteer at Funky Fes Hostel you get experience with working in hostelling and you get to have a great time with the rest of our young international team.

At Funky Fes Hostel we are two managers, two cleaners/cooks, one receptionist and five volunteers. The hostel is managed by my wife Bida and I, who are both experienced backpackers and are very passionate about our work in the hostel. We are a Danish/Moroccan couple who loves to work in hostelling and with the team. The staff are very openminded and you will find volunteers from all over the world. You can expect to be treated with respect and kindness and we expect the same from our volunteers. It is important for us, that our volunteers are professional and take responsibility while working and representing the hostel, but it is also very important to us, that the volunteers are comfortable and are having fun at the hostel. We want the volunteers to see the whole work exchange as a great work experience and do the daily tasks with a smile.

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Una increíble experiencia, los anfitriones fueron de lo mejor, un excelente ambiente de trabajo, gracias por todo! :-D

20 dias atrás

Julieta respondeu

Gracias a ti por tu ayuda. Que tengas buena suerte en tus futuros destinos.


I had an awesome time in Funky Fes. The staff was great and always helped a lot with everything. If you want to have a nice time in Morocco you should deffinetly consider volunteering in Funky Fes. Any further question or information, you can reach me on instagram @oleandrocoelho

22 dias atrás

Julieta respondeu

Thank you so much for the kind review Leandro. Best luck on your future travels.


It was a great pleasure volunteering at Funky Fes, the Managers were really friendly and helpful even before I arrived in Fez, they provide me with a lot of handy tips and to make sure that I arrived safe and sound at the hostel. I've made lots of great friends there and the Managers treated me like a family, I will definitely recommend this hostel to future Worldpackers if they are seeking to experience Morocco and volunteering in an exotic country.

2 meses atrás

Julieta respondeu

Thank you so much for the kind review Diana. It was a pleasure to have you as a part of the team. Diana did more than we could expect from a volunteer and she was always bringing joy to the hostel. You are always welcome at Funky Fes Hostel. :)


The experience was wonderful! The managers are lovely people and all the time take care of you. They make the schedule every week asking before for posible time request, so is very flexible and I had several days off a week to travel around.
The tasks are not difficult, I personally felt like helping in my own home so doesn’t feel like you are working!
I enjoyed the great rooftop and the good vibe there! And the best, the food! As I told them so many times, the food in this hostel was the best I’ve got in all my trip.
I feel more than grateful with the Funky Fes family ❤️

5 meses atrás

Julieta respondeu

Thank you very much Brenda.
We appreciated all the help we got from you at the hostel.
Best of luck in Denmark and on your future travels.
Kind regards,
Bida and Mads

Estados Unidos

Mads and Bida are incompetent at managing a hostel. At first they were nice then things went sour. They both work the same easy shift. They also don’t work weekends. Mads scheduled more work hours than agreed upon.Once they leave there are only volunteers running the hostel so when issues arrise we are to figure it out ourselves. We had an issue 1 morning & they told us not wake them up & we should act as managers & figure it out ourselves. My friend Daniella & I have worked at many hostels before and have never seen such a mess, we had to cut our trip short and leave immediately.

5 meses atrás

Julieta respondeu

Please don’t take any notice of this review as it is not representative of how it is to volunteer at Funky Fes Hostel. Future reviews will show a more relevant image of how it is to volunteer at the hostel. We love having volunteers at the hostel so it makes us very sad to get untrue reviews like this. If you are interested in volunteering at the hostel please contact other volunteers who can give a more relevant comment on the volunteer position.

As our job is to manage the hostel we don't work many different hours at the reception, as we need time to manage the hostel. This work very well and without any problems with other volunteers.
When we are not at the hostel there will only be volunteers, but we are always available if there is an emergency or any questions from volunteers. Of course the job is difficult when you don't want to take any responsibility while working the reception like Melanie and Daniella.
They lied to us before their arrival. They said they had worked in many hostels and that they knew our booking system, but when they arrived they didn't know anything and they told us that they had never been in a hostel. They came with big suitcases and didn't know the backpacking lifestyle of the way of life in a hostel.
Before arrival they said they were very flexible and we agreed on 25 hours a week. The first two weeks they were given 23 hours of work. When they the third week was asked to work 26 hours they were complaining that it was not the agreement. That is not being flexible.
When they were working at the reception they were not welcoming and smiling and they were not willing to help. They were on their phones and laughing at everybody; staff and guests. This left the hostel with bad reviews on staff. Melanie and Daniella had a very lazy attitude and they were not at the hostel to work and help out. They were only here for a free bed and to eat food, that was their only concern. They were not respectful to their fellow volunteers. They were messy in their room and were offended every time any of this was mentioned. They were only thinking about themselves which also showed when they decided to leave without any notice. We will not recommend any hostel to accept Daniella and Melanie as volunteers.

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