Fuzinarska Kuca Croatian Shire

As a hostel we do things a little bit different from others, we mostly accommodate our facility with organized groups and provide them all meals. Individual guests are equally as appreciated, but tend to be fewer when the groups get larger. Among the groups we work with kids, including elementary schools, kindergartens, associations such as children recovering from cancer and other similar associations. We work with spiritual groups such as Buddhists, Baptists, Yogis, Tai Chi and many others. We also host a tango festival every year in July. Some groups are have participants from 15 to 20 countries. You will definitely get a taste of cultures from all around the world during your stay with us. If you are a people person, we want you! Our guests love to teach new things to people, and would more than welcome an opportunity to do so. If this sounds like a fit for you, let us know! We can't wait to see you.

Greetings from Croatia! My name is Emilijan and I am the owner of a hostel located 20 miles away from Adriatic coast in the beautiful mountainous region of Croatia. I have been running this place for the last five years, and we usually work with a groups from all over the world. I lived in the USA for ten years where I completed education, undergrad and graduate degrees, during which I lived in places such as Minneapolis, Seattle, Ft. Lauderdale and Waikiki. If you enjoy hiking and nature, this is the place to be. There are plenty of woods, lakes, and we are so close to the sea area. Transportation to cities such as Rijeka and the capital city of Zagreb is by bus and by train every day, Rijeka is a half hour away and Zagreb an hour and half away. Fužine itself is a beautiful small place with few coffee shops, hotel, post office, bank and everything else that small town needs to have. The main attractions are a couple of beautiful lakes in the surrounding area, and of course loads of beautiful nature sights. Volunteers can expect to be treated with respect, and hospitality. We don't want you to be here working all the time, this is supposed to be fun for both parties! We give you plenty of time to explore the area, and even time to take weekend trips to the Adriatic Sea for drinks and a swim!

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