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The volunteers go for different reasons: You may want to give something to a local community You may feel isolated and want to meet new friends You may need to learn new skills and stay active You may have experiences and skills that you would like to share with others. You can discover other countries, other lifestyles and other cultures without spending a lot of money Fysc Organization can offer you opportunities to achieve your hobbies flexibly. In Morocco, you can volunteer, win several friends, discover our cultures and of course build intercultural relations with Moroccan society. Although you are not paid, there are several things to be gained for volunteering: Building confidence and self-esteem Meet people in similar circumstances and participate in an interesting intercultural learning process Learning new experiences and skills Helping others and yourself Have a lot of fun! Be sure that your work will have a significant impact on the lives of people and the community around you as well as make your life more fulfilled.

The members accept the volunteers within our association and undertake to help the volunteer to integrate into his new life. We simply consider volunteers as a full members of our young team..


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The organization encountered difficulties with securing the school and students due to politics so we were not able to teach the whole time. The host took care of us, however, and we were treated like family. Special thanks to Moonir for running things and taking care of us. Inshallah! More power to FYSC Organization.

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