Gaia Grid

We are a small farm with big goals! Any traveler who wants to experience open-minded hosts, good food, socially impactful work, and great meaningful conversations would find Gaia Grid a place that is difficult to say goodbye to!

Located on 45,000 sq. ft. of dry land on the hills of Kadampara, Kerala, Gaia Grid is envisioned to be a model farm founded with the aim to create a self-sustaining pocket. The main long-term objectives are to achieve complete nutritional autonomy by growing all of our own food (organically) and promote off-grid living. We recently became water sustainable. Now we focus on becoming food sustainable!

The project is run by myself, Harsh with the help of volunteers. It is our home and volunteers are made to feel right at home from the word go. It is like a small family trying to change the world, one small thing at a time and create a globally replicable sustainability model. 1. We are a farm being set up but not with the intention of just a farm but a place where farm meets forest meets permaculture. 2. If you've ever been to a farm that being set up, many times its not a pleasant sight :) There's a LOT of work that needs to be done, such as - making gardens, clearing weed, cooking, planting trees, general cleanup and working on the aesthetics of the place. And this is where I need the most help from participants. We do have the below facilities already: 1. Shared dormitory with simple hard foam mattresses 2. A very basic kitchen-ish setup that could use more work. 3. Compost toilets and bucket showers. We do have a beautiful stream with bubble pools and small waterfalls, its a five-minute walk from the land. 4. We usually cook on firewood stove but we also have a regular stove for rainy days when firewood is wet. We don't charge volunteers for stay because it is in exchange for 4 hours of work everyday but for food, volunteers usually pay 500 rupees a day for 3 vegan meals. Anything extra that we need for food, I pay from my pocket. The kind of work we do: Tree planting, garden making, digging, making water conservation designs, weeding, mulching, watering trees and basically anything you can imagine to do in a vegan farm without animals :)

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