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You will enjoy the experience of this magical place. The Galapagos islands are unique and considered as a natural laboratory in the world. And, you will win experience by helping us and with sharing your knowledge too :)

We are a local family and we all work at the restaurant. :) Everyone in the island are friendly and open to do new friends :D you will considered local, as you make friends at the island, is a small town, so you have the opportunity to do lot of friends :)


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I really liked working at NATIVO, it was a great team and heaps of fun working together with those lovely people!
What I didn't enjoy was my stay at the hosts house. I was thankful for having a bed but I felt very unwelcoming at their property. When I arrived Cindy wasn't there for a view days so her mum "managed" everything but she wouldn't even look at me or say hello after a while.
The experience in the restaurant was very good though but I had some personal problems as well and I didn't want to feel more sad at the Galapagos just because of one person. That's one of the reasons I left.

2 anos atrás



I do not recommend working for Cindy. All three volunteers eventually ended up leaving earlier than expected. There a clear communication problem at work. On top of which, even though we lived behind their house, Cindy and her mother who we would see everyday, would not speak to us directly but through the restaurant manager, Pablo. Cindy clearly told us she did not have time to manage the volunteers and when I tried to talk to Pablo, he was suddenly not in charge of the volunteers. Eventually, Cindy's mom told an employee that we could just leave if not happy. So I did.

mais de 2 anos atrás



It was a pleasure working with these guys in the Galapagos. Cindy, Sebastian, Pablo and Israel truly made me feel welcome. The island itself is the definition of paradise. The work itself was easy and super chill. They also know how to mix work with some fun as we occasionally went out to the local bars and discotec after work which was always a good time. I definitely wouldve loved stayed longer!!

mais de 2 anos atrás



it's a cool restaurant with really amazing food and owned by great people. i can recommend it, though the room could be cleaner and should have a fridge in it.

mais de 2 anos atrás



Words cannot describe how absolutely wonderful my experience at Nativo and the galapogos has been. The family was kind and welcoming and held nothing back when it came to treating myself and other volunteers to a life changing trip.
I stayed 1 month and could have easily stayed another. I'm so grateful for everything Cindy and her family has given me.

The tours, animals, people, and food was absolutely amazing. I seriously can't recommend it highly enough.

mais de 3 anos atrás

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