Garden of Neuro Institute

Variety of guests from all over the world. Lots of opportunities to experience nature and beautiful surroundings. Work hard, play hard. Our schedules are flexible for everyone, but it's important to put our paying guests first, by being helpful, finding out what they need, and helping them with their requests. Susan, the host, is a practicing Buddhist and maintains the space as a communal space for people on their spiritual journeys.

You will be an important and valued member of the team. We need your strength and positive attitude! Be ready to face the day with a smile. Lots to do here, always. Some of it mundane, but all of it important. Be willing to do easy chores, and hard ones too. Quiet and harmony is important. We have many guests who are travelers working nights, and sleeping days.


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Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Poughkeepsie, Garden of Neuro stands as a tranquil haven for the self-driven souls seeking a unique retreat. However, before embarking on your journey to this picturesque sanctuary, be prepared to embrace solitude and self-reliance, for this oasis caters to those who are willing to chart their own course.

Transportation to Garden of Neuro proves to be a tale of independence from the very start. With no public transit in sight, the only companions on your journey will be UBER or Lyft.

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My time at the Garden was fulfilling! I was opened up to new foods and great conversations with people whom I share interests with. During my down time I read or explored various local spots. Working hours are flexible and most of the work consists of keeping the house clean and managed. Susan has a wealth of knowledge about sustainability, psychology, and cooking. The household has different characters who equally bring personality. I hope to come back in the future for more :D

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Recommended experience, excellent host.

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It was an amazing experience.
I found a safe place where people are good, willing to learn and improve the quality of life in the community.
I liked the neighborhood and I enjoyed exploring the nature of the surrounding area.
This trip has changed my life in a positive way and I wish the best to the people who will help grow this place in the future.

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The house is an airBnB op a small road in a foresty area of poughkeepsie. Its very pretty but not greatly lit. Susan gives you the change to develop or do something with your own skills. Theres usually food in the house and you share a space for sleeping but have things between for privacy. Since this is an airBnB there are some housekeeping tasks to do which i probably read over so it took me by surprise the first day. But the people are really kind and interesting and its a nice location to get peace of mind. So it was a good time

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