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If you enjoy nature, trails, levada walks and surf, the north of Madeira Island is the place for you. We are a Guest House / Hostel in the north of Madeira Island, where the beauty of the landscape is hardly touched. The area is very sought after by all kind of tourists, from all ages, due to the diversity of activities from see sighting, trails, levada walks, escalating and surfing.

This Guest House is run only by me and there is no other Staff. I am a mature man, kind and easy going and will treat volunteers as friends and as a family.


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São Vicente is so beautiful and I had an amazing experience here.
Joaquim is a very kind man and is very caring. You have a lot of time for yourself which is very nice. He puts in a lot of effort to make sure you are comfortable and happy.
The work is very easy - light work for two or three hours a day.
I recommend either renting a car if you can afford it or get comfortable with hitchhiking because the remoteness of this work is the only downside

2 meses atrás



Joaquim is a beautiful person. He tries to be always available and help you, he is very generous. The place is in the middle of nature with a fantastic view of the ocean and the mountains. If you are looking for an experience to relax and admire nature this can be perfect for you. Madeira is amazing!!

2 meses atrás



I booked this place for 2 months but I decided to leave earlier.When I came the weather was cold.There were problems with the electricity so I couldn’t plug any heater to warm which made the guests and I feel uncomfortableThe bus system there almost does not exist and I felt stuck in the house.I was lucky enough to meet nice guests who can gave me a liftCommunication with Joaquim sometimes was problematic when itcomes to traveling around and askig him for a lift.I understand Joaquim has many responsibilities but his stress from work reflected a lot on us.I recommend the place for short stays

2 meses atrás

Joaquim respondeu

I didn’t make a review about Nicholay, just to try forget about the whole situation, but as I see his review, I had to answer back. It is not fair. He starts by saying “I booked this place” he didn’t book anything as he came here with a commitment to be a volunteer, do some work in exchange for it´s stay, but yes, he thought he was on holidays. The problem with Nicholay is that he grew in size but not internally and with conversations we had did not know anything about life, specially the agreement he had made by volunteering. There is few but enough busses that connect the whole Island but his problem was being in bed and not be on time of the bus’s schedules. For his short stay, I gave in a few lifts and not more because he preferred not to wake up. Work was another thing because Nicholay thought he was on holidays and as you say "communication was problematic" yes, its true as to get some work done by you ,was very hard, specially in the afternoon shift or working as a team, because he would go to his room and be in bed. Anyway, its easy-to-read Alessandro´s review. They where here at the same time. So Nicholay, I know this is not going to be easy to read, that’s why I hadn´t placed a review about you.



It was different from my previous experiences, it felt more like a regular work than a volunteer exchange for travelers. The person responsible is away most of the time, and there was not much interest in promoting social interaction or exchange of experiences. Communication and organization were problematic. I was lucky to meet some nice guests during my stay. The nature is beautiful around the village and there are a few places to explore, but it’s hard to get to other parts of the island. I would recommend the place for short stays and people interested specifically in that part of Madeira.

4 meses atrás



Sao Vicente is a very quiet a beautiful green place. Surrounded by mountains and nature , it is also near to the ocean and there many surfing spots, with nice coastal villages with beach and natural pool like Seixal and Porto moniz. The duties in the hostel are making beds and cleaning and it is very easy. Joaquim is very kind and caring person, and he is always available if you have any problem. It was a nice experience i 100% recommend it.

6 meses atrás

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