Gate of Hope Foundation

Gate of Hope Foundation - Volunteer project offers international volunteers a series of easy tasks during project placement which is accessible and very friendly. Volunteers come  with a passion for interest for their project roles. Our Volunteers are familiar with their job descriptions in detail, including the inner workings for their project role, their coordinator/point of contact, and the communication system. Most importantly,  we brief volunteers to understand how they will help in their field work to advance the non profit's mission. We also create an environment in which volunteers will have fun and enjoy their work, to easily develop personal, emotional, and professional connections. In our onboarding process, allowing resources, include activities that will cultivate such connections among volunteers and between volunteers and staff. Our Volunteers' sense of belonging with the host community goes a very long way in creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere that volunteers will want to keep coming back to, after completing their project and stay. Volunteer safety is of the utmost importance and we have several risk management services in place in each program. You can feel confident that all volunteer projects in Ghana are continually inspected and screened by our local staff on a weekly basis. Ghana is one of the shining stars of Africa, it is politically stable with many advanced developments in the urban areas. However, many rural communities are still greatly affected by poverty and lack many modern facilities. Our volunteers work within these communities to provide help and to also learn about their cultures.

Gate of Hope Foundation Volunteer Programme is headed by Mr. Newton Agbley, the Executive Director, also working together with other qualified and experienced staff, with the volunteers to make sure that they are making the most out of their experience and their safety. With years of experience our staff create an optional activities programme for the volunteers to participate in. This programme includes teaching local cultural, local language lessons, visits to some Ghana tourist sites and places of interest such as museums, beaches, mountains,parks,waterfalls, gardens, walkways, castles and forts, animals sites and many more, in other for International Volunteers to have a memorable stay in Ghana.

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