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PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID concerns, and our need to protect the long-term volunteers here at Gentle World, we're currently asking all visitors to spend one week here on Hawaii Island before coming to visit our center. This also applies to folks who have been vaccinated. We're unable to provide facilities for isolating at our location. Thank you for understanding. :) Gentle World is a non-profit educational organization and intentional community in existence since 1970. Throughout the decades, we have welcomed the assistance of those who are inspired by our vision. People from all over the world are invited to learn alongside us as we work together toward achieving our goal of a more ecological, collaborative, self-sufficient lifestyle, with respect for the natural world, other animals, and one another.

At our Big Island center, those who are interested in experiencing the Gentle World lifestyle are invited to participate in our visitor program as volunteers. Enthusiastic individuals are welcome to join us to learn about the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of veganism in a positive and supportive environment. You can learn more about our program here:


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My time at gentle world got cut very short due to some stuff going on back home. Everyone was kind and even though I wasn’t there long I did learn a lot.

19 dias atrás

Gentle respondeu

Sorry we didn't have more time to get to know you!



Las personas son bastante amables, pero me fui una semana antes. Lamentablemente, mi compañera de voluntariado se tuvo que ir de urgencia al día siguiente al que llegué yo. Como consecuencia de esto, estuve trabajando casi completamente sola toda la semana y la verdad es que era bastante trabajo, a veces trabajé un poco más de lo que debía, pero nada tan terrible. Si vienes de una ciudad grande, puede que te cueste un par de días adaptarte.
Esta era mi primera experiencia haciendo un voluntariado y no fue como yo pensé, entiendo que los anfitriones no tiene la culpa, mi caso fue puntual :)

21 dias atrás

Gentle respondeu

Javiera's visit coincided with some unforeseen circumstances here, so it wasn't quite what either of us had expected! She worked long hours in the garden, but we checked on her and asked if she was okay or if she wanted to stop, but she said she was fine. We understood her leaving early because she had been hoping for more interaction with other volunteers and the only other visitor had left due to a family emergency back home. She explained her decision and we understood where she was coming from, but we could perhaps have helped her to have a more positive experience if she had expressed those feelings to us earlier on.

Korea, South


Gentle world taught me so many previous values of the world, all the living beings and even myself. All the people that I met in Gentle world, Summer, Angel, Meadow, Sky and Light were really kind and very passionated about sharing all the knowledge of Veganism. They introduced me many videos, books and nutritional information, and I am able to apply them to my daily diet already! The place was so beautiful, and I miss Fawn and Freedom the dogs and the little garden where I picked string beans and cherry tomatoes in the mornings. It was like peaceful atmosphere is surrounding the whole area!

1 mês atrás

Gentle respondeu

We're so glad to have met you, Sunhye. :) It was a pleasure getting to know you.



Amazing experience! I'm so glad for the opportunity to live this experience. I learned so much about veganism and sustainability. Summer is a great host, lovely and helpful! Everybody there made me feel like home! The focus is to experience veganism lifestyle and the work I did isn’t difficult, with some free time to taking a walk or just relax in the property! I recommend this place for people who wants to be in contact with nature, learn about veganismo and sustainability! I’m already missing Hawaii and Gentle World family! ❤️❤️

2 meses atrás

Gentle respondeu

We miss you as well! Wishing you all the best for your transition back home. :)

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Volunteering at Gentle World was a great experience for me. I cannot thank everyone there enough for making me feel at home from the 1st day till the time I left.
I learned so much about living a healthier lifestyle, gardening, picking & preparing healthy food while being more conscious/mindful about what I eat & put into my body.
The food was amazing, I’ve never been a big meat eater & have been considering becoming Vegetarian/Vegan-the food at Gentle World made me realize the variety of great/fresh tasting foods & the energy I got from a plant based diet.

2 meses atrás

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