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We will take care of giving the volunteer the best possible experience for the volunteer to make them feel at home, we will offer them meals so that they always have energy and can develop the activities in the hostel

I manage the hotel with my partner, so the volunteers will be like our family, they will have a lot of free time to go out to enjoy the mountains and nearby towns

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My experience at Get Inn Hostel was amazing; I met people who are now my friends. The hostel feels like home; you have responsibilities but can organize your time as it suits you. The hostel is close to the city center, bus station, and supermarkets

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My stay at Get Inn hostel was great, I had the chance to meet sooo many amazing people! The tasks are generally easy, the atmosphere of the hostel is extremely cozy and Skopje is a beautiful city. I would absolutely recommend this place to other volunteers.

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My time at Get Inn Hostel was great! I was able to make many incredible and dear friends, both among the volunteers and the guests. This experience allowed me to learn a lot about managing a hostel, many thanks to Evan and Martín for this opportunity.

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En Hostel Get Inn me sentí como en casa, las tareas son sencillas, simplemente es hacer aseo, mantener organizado el hostal a lo largo del dia, estar en recepción y hacer check in, los horarios se organizan directamente con el equipo, en mi caso, en las mañanas me encargaba del hostal para en las tardes poder trabajar, tenemos acceso a 200 MKD diarios y un día libre, más sin embargo siempre tuve mucho tiempo libre.
Conecte con muchos viajeros, con unos viaje por Macedonia y ahora son grandes amigos.
Agradezco a Martin y a Ivan por permitirme vivir una experiencia inolvidable en Skopje.

5 meses atrás

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Leaving me with only enjoyable moments to reminisce on, my time here wasn't anything I expected. Everyone's kindness is true, and the warm ambience the hostel has makes this your second home. Management of the hostel is left to volunteers, as there is no permanent staff. Also here they provide the basics such as food, bed, laundry, etc. For discounts, tours, events... these aren't actually provided, which was quite the let down. Otherwise I have very little negativity towards this place. Whether in search of great memories, unique scenarios, or lifelong friendship, this is the place for you.

6 meses atrás

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