Goat farm Koronza

The nature surrounding the farm is a special example of ancient permaculture architecture on the border of the Mediterranean ecosystem and high mountains, which was abandoned after the Second World War.

I am a professional mountain guide and cinematographer. My main hobby is building dry stones. Volunteers can learn how to build a stone building without concrete and participate in workshops on old crafts and bushcraft.


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It was an amazing experience! Darko was always willing to help and teach us all about the farm, the city and most important, how to take care of the beautiful goats. He was also a really good host and was always taking care of us and helping us in everything we needed so he made the experience really good. More volunteers should go to experience and learn how to be in touch with nature and how to connect and understand the behavior of every animal in there. As he said, simplicity is the most difficult thing to reach and in the farm with this volunteering you could do and learn it perfectly.

16 dias atrás



This is an experience I will for sure never forget. It's the best place to meet lovely people and get close to nature. We learned such amazing skills like milking goats, macking cheese, making a fire to cook our food...
Each day you are surrounded by sweet animals whom taking care of will be your priority. But nothing felt better than seeing them again everyday.

This was my first volunteering and I can happily say it won't be my last, I really enjoyed it.

Thank you Darko for giving us this amazing volunteering opportunity!

18 dias atrás



Mi experiencia fue increíble, la familia de Darko y Nataly es una lindura, son gente muy bonita, tanto como el lugar que es precioso. Me sentí muy agusto y acogida, lo recomiendo muchísimo sobre todo si te gusta la naturaleza.

1 mês atrás

Nova Zelândia


This experience really put me out of my comfort zone and was hard to adjust to.
Darko and Natalie are lovely people with good intentions however I found it difficult to connect with them .

This experience was challenging but I learned a lot about surviving in the wilderness of Montenegro mountains and how to milk goats.

2 meses atrás

Darko respondeu

This is my first time to write a public comment because I am surprised at the difference between the comments when they left the farm and the written comments.
My family living in harmony with nature and many people learn from us how to start a "new" life. We are in contact with many friends all over the world and with many different animal species, that is very strange someone cannot make contact with us. The farm is located in the middle of an untouched forest, which is very rare, for those who respect nature says a lot about the living conditions, and we inform all volunteers about this before.

About this:
" I learned a lot about surviving in the wilderness of Montenegro mountains and how to milk goats" - surviving in the wilderness it sounds inappropriate for all camp conditions and top quality food and drinks indicates that you come from a different environment and not competent to judge a farm.

Nova Zelândia


This is a great experience for you if you’re looking to get off-grid and enjoy simple living. Building a fire to cook meals, going toilet in the leaves, and showering from the stream water were all novelties, but challenging. Each day we enjoyed milking the goats, moving them throughout the day, and returning them to their pen at sunset. Next time, a clear conversation about daily expectations would help everybody get on the same page from the beginning. Our hosts really care about living in harmony with the natural environment around them, and it shows in their behaviour. Thank you

2 meses atrás

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