Grand Harbour Arts Community

Your accommodation will be based in a typical Maltese two story townhouse, in a quite typical Maltese street, close to the Valletta Grand Harbour.

You will be staying either in a shared twin room (with the possibility that you will be on your own in some occassion) or else in the guest bed space under the stairs, depending on availability, be aware while some find this space comfortable, others might find it a bit claustrophobic, but its is not as bad as it sounds since usually it is the space where I sleep when the bed is vacant.

The bathroom is shared and can be found on the ground floor

The kitchen is still under maintenance, therefore at the moment what I can provide is a double hotplate to cook your meal, an electric grill, an oven, a microwave, a kettle and a fridge.

The house also have an access to a large roof terrace, and a small internal yard. It is located few minutes walk to the Valletta Grand Harbour and Valletta! while it is also close to all amenities. A grocery store can be found around the corner from the house, together with the town square and take aways are about a 20min walk, while bus stops can take you pretty everywhere.

On your first day, you will be given an orientation walk around the town in order to help you settle in

In order to improve the concept of the organisation, in 2020 I have decided to purchase a medium sized typical maltese townhouse situated in the central harbour district, in a sub-urban town called Marsa (For more info. about the house please check 'type of accommodation' section) the idea is to have assistants (training will be provided in case needed) helping me mainly with one or some of the following tasks: 1.1 PRIORITY IS GIVEN TO: Artists, Designers, Art Curators, Art Students, Website developers, Digital Marketers who are flexible to do other tasks which include House Maintenance and Assisting in Workshops. 1.2 General knowledge in the use of CANVA, Photoshop/gimp is an added plus, as well the use of social media channels for sales and marketing. 1.3 Workawayers are generally given a project to work on and sometimes they have the opportunity to work with another volunteer through online means. 1.4 >>>LANGUAGE: Good command of English language is a must, an online interview is held prior accepting any workaway. People who use google translate to submit their interest will be automatically banned, might sound a bit arrogant but one must understand that for me, being a busy person, I cant spend my time repeating 100 times what a person can help me with, and in the end finishing doing it wrong, hence why good command of the english language is a must. 1.5 PLEASE NOTE ORGANISATION TASKS MOST OF THE TIME NEED TO HAVE SOMEONE WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH FLUENTLY *😃 - General assistance with the organisation --- Documenting works through photography, movie making, preparing boxes for workshops, assisting in delivery of workshops, learning new concepts, learning table top games... etc etc.. - General assistance with my studio practice - General assistance with home works and Maintenance. General assistance with the organisation, might include but is not limited to: 1. Assistance or replacement whenever necessary of running of workshops 2. Assistance in updating social media, by creating social media calendar (Facebook, Instagram, Website, Tiktok, Linkedin) 3. Assistance in promoting events and expanding the artistic network 4. Assistance in writing reports or visually documenting events and workshops 5. Bringing in New Ideas 6. Might be asked to be one of our drawing models (This at your discretion) 7. Attending Exhibitions, book launches and cultural events on behalf of the organisation 8. Help with the branding of the organisation 9. Assistance with website building General assistance with my studio Practice 1. Assistance with visually documenting my work 2. *Assistance with promoting and curating my work 3. Assistance with hands-on items 4. Assistance with Graphic Design/Illustration/Animation work General assistance with home works and Maintenance. 1. Paint jobs 🖌️ 2. Cleaning (general cleaning once every week) 3. Upkeep and cleaning of the house 🏠 4. Cooking if needed 🍳 5. Other maintenance which might crop up. 6. Sewing ✂️ 7. Gardening 🌻

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